A Guide To Fix Pixel 4 XL Broken Display / Screen Replacement

Hey Pixel 4 XL owner,  this is Hedi from Pixel 4 Manual and today we’re gonna how you A Guide To Fix Pixel 4 XL Broken Display / Screen Replacement, so the tools that you will need are a t4 driver, a razor blade of some sort a playing card some glue and some heat, you also need some clamps for the drying process, so the first thing we want to do is heat up the back, you want to be very careful because these backs are pretty expensive and you don’t want to crack it, so we’re gonna start by heating up the bottom portion and then just kind of cut through the adhesive, which is actually not too difficult to do, but always make sure to add some heat and cut through the edges, don’t go too far, because there is a cable attached to the back, even though there is no fingerprint scanner, you once that’s lifted up, you’ll fold it over to the right just like a pixel 3 and grab a tee for driver and start removing some screws, so we’re gonna remove these two screws and then lift up this little metal piece, put that over to the side, then we’re gonna grab something plastic to undo the camera flash.

Next, we want to want to make sure that the phone is off, well the first thing we want to do is unplug the battery, which is these four screws down here, remove that little metal plastic piece and then we’ll grab something plastic to undo the battery connection. The next thing we want to do is remove all these screws right here, that’s where the screen connection is we can unplug, that right there and since we know that the screen is already gonna crack, what we’re gonna do is just focus on removing the screen. We’re gonna heat up all the edges and then we’re gonna get a playing card under the screen, so we can cut through the adhesive. I recommend starting at the top because that obviously seems like the easiest place to start, but be careful of the front camera and all the other radar sensors, once you get a playing card under the screen, we can start cutting through the adhesive and at this point. We can see I already damaged the OLED panel right there and now half the screen is gone, so the good news is I don’t have to worry about anything, it’s gonna be very difficult to remove this screen without damaging the OLED panel, so I wouldn’t really recommend doing that, but obviously you will need to be extremely careful if you do plan on keeping that.

We’ll continue cutting through the adhesive heating up the screen and just get from the top to the bottom, there is a ton of adhesive, so this will be very difficult to do. I highly recommend using something that will protect your eyes like protective glasses, using brute force isn’t recommended, but in this case, the display was already correct, so I didn’t really worry too much about, that what you should do is just add a little bit more heat and let it sit for a few seconds, keep adding more heat and keep doing that until you are able to remove the display, then this kind of just pulls away, because it is a flexible OLED display. Now that we have the screen off we can clean up all this glass and we can start cleaning up the glass from the phone, don’t throw away that screen yet, because there is an earpiece that you do need to remove, so make sure to keep that and all I’m gonna do right now, so then I don’t forget is put it in the new screen.

The next thing we want to do is clean up all the adhesive, that’s on the screen and get rid of all the glass, so the side adhesive may be a little bit difficult to remove, but it just takes some time and make sure to be very careful not to cut any other cables and to make sure that any residue that, that adhesive uses is just flat, so then it doesn’t damage the new OLED when we put the screen on just keep doing that around the edges and eventually you get to the top, which will be a little bit easier to do with this said you do want to be careful around all of these sensors, because if you damage any of these sensors, the face detection and all the other security stuff that this phone comes with may not work! So that is A manual guide on how to fix Google Pixel 4 XL broken display or screen replacement part one and this Pixel 4 XL screen replacement tutorial will continue to part second, so stay tuned on this website and please see the video that we embed from Youtube for more details.

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