Android 11 Version Update – Release Date and New Feature

Hello everyone, Android fans lover. Welcome back to Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL manual user guide. Hedy is here for share about Android 11 New Update – Release Date and New Feature. Now I’m currently rocking the latest Android 11 version Developer Preview for my Google Pixel 4 XL. Google did post a full timeline of its preview releases to get a basic idea of what to expect each new update, the final release date developer brief, or seems to be the latest alpha version before we start to receive beta releases. It’s looking like June 3rd will be the set release date for the first beta, so be on the lookout for that, now the way I want to break down this news is first I want to show off all the big features first and then discuss most of the smaller changes. The first big feature is that Android 11 supports a native screen recorder, they took them a while, but better late than never, it can’t be enabled through a quick setting tile called screen record and using it is pretty straightforward, you just tap on it any menu will pop up asking if you’d like to also record your voice with the microphone and show touches on the screen, once you hit to start a 3-second countdown will begin in the status bar and then your screen will be captured at around 60 frames per second with a low bitrate, then once you want to stop recording, you just tap the big red notification pretty straightforward and nicely implemented. The footage does look a bit glitch after doing some fast action scrolling due to the low bitrate, but hopefully, in a future beta release, they can increase the bitrate including the option to record at 90 frames per second and provide the option to record the internal audio, while we’re on the topic of screen capturing, the screenshot animation has changed, and when you take one you immediately get two options to share the screenshot or edit it, it’s pretty neat and you no longer receiving notification of that screenshot, however, what I’m most excited about is expandable screenshots to capture an entire conversation or webpage, it hasn’t been released yet, but there are clear hints from both XDA and Andrew police that this feature is coming soon, so thumbs up for that.

The next problem to change power menu has turned into a smart hub for home automation controls and quick access to Google pay, you still get your normal power options down below, but up top, you’ll also be able to see and use all of your credit cards and as of right now. The home automation controls aren’t yet available to use, but an XD developer managed to put together a quick video that demos a working interface, in that demo they were able to add the controls, such as a slider for controlling the brightness for a light bulb and a random custom created button, but after looking at the API documentation, it seems like Google will be supporting a ton of smart devices including fans for refrigerators blinds, thermostats, security systems, etc. Please don’t forget to read our previous post about the installation guide for android 11 Developer Preview 2 on Pixel 4.

Now moving on when we jump into the recent screen, you no longer have a dock that opens up the app drawer instead. The panels are a lot bigger now, and you have three extra buttons at the bottom. The first one is to take a screenshot, and the right one is to share the screen, the select button in the middle is to copy words from the panel or to share pictures, in my opinion, it’s extremely useful, especially when you’re trying to copy and paste words or a picture from an app, that doesn’t support copy and paste. Lastly, you can bring back closed apps on the recent screen by swiping them away, tapping the home button immediately, and then going back into the recent screen. It’s most likely a bug! So hopefully, Google is working on a better implementation of this feature, before I move on to even more exclusive Android 11 features. I’ll be rocking these the entire time let’s check out the launcher there aren’t a whole lot of changes here, the app drawer pull up indicator is a lot bigger now, the home screen has a jiggly animation when switching between screens and within the styles on wallpapers page, there is a tab for customizing the clock for the always-on display, you can also make your icon tap a hexagon or a cloud looking background when you create a custom theme and the wallpaper chooser also got an improved layout, but I didn’t get to see the changes on my Pixel 4 XL, unfortunately, moving on it’s not an Android update unless Google modifies the notification panel and this time around they increase the padding between notification sections, giving bigger gaps between each label. So that is the Android 11 version new update – release date and some further feature information. Hopefully, you enjoy with this Android 11 news and bye for now.

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