Camera Comparison Between Pixel 4 XL Vs Honor 30 Pro

Yo let’s get everybody, welcome back to the Pixel 4 Manual Guide dot com, today we’re gonna compare The Pixel 4 XL versus the Honor 30 Pro. The Honor 30 Pro does have an advantage because I have the telephoto lens, which the Pixel does not the pixel is a flagship model, so it’s more expensive than the mid 10 range of the auto 30 Pro, so this is a low-light test of the front-facing camera and understand it like a typical city environment, where there’s a bunch of lights from buildings, street lights, and cars, so let’s go this is Camera Comparison Between Pixel 4 XL Vs Honor 30 Pro and now move on to next section, well not to put your mode first, the experience is really similar, you just point shoot in the software does everything else. Now, what is different right away is that the Honor 30 protests have a wider lens, so the background does feel wider or more spacious, whereas on the Pixel it does look more cramped and more compressed, which I do prefer because, in portrait mode, that’s what I would like to see the good thing about the Honor 30 Pro is that it has a telephoto lens, so it can actually reach that type of compression so versatility wise the r30 Pro does feel more practical in real-life situations, so if you’re in tight spaces or you’re trying to take pictures of something in your hands, then it’s easier on the Honor 30 Pro.

Google Pixel 4 XL VS Honor 30 Pro Camera Comparison
Google Pixel 4 XL VS Honor 30 Pro Camera Comparison

Now my winning points on a pixel are that straight off the bat when you take a picture the background blur is much denser, it’s much creamier, so I do prefer that look. The next reason is the color on a pixel everything seems to be much more consistent, it may change a little bit, but not too much. Now on the Honor 30 Pro when you’re going from the regular wife to telephoto, sometimes it changes really drastically and it could be really green really blue and it just kind of make the whole picture a little bit weird or just really off, but on these phones are my favorite ones it’s from pixel and hallway slash Honor if I would recommend the best Porsche motor experience, it’s gotta be from these phones. Now moving on to everyday situations yet again versatility, goes to the auto 30 pro and the big main reason why is it has ultra-wide-angle lights as four colors, it’s the same reasons in the portrait mode, it’s though changes on Honor 30 Pro, now for HDR it goes back and forth sometimes I do like to Pixel better and sometimes I like to Honor 30 Pro better. Now for this example, the Honor 30 Pro seems to have the better HDR picture, but I do like the detailing on the clouds, which is still exposed right on a Pixel for the telephoto lens, they are both really good surprisingly on a Pixel, the software does a lot to clean things up, but I still got to go with the Honor 30 Pro the detailing and the quality is not too far off from each other, but I would say the Honor 30 Pro does have the sharper picture.

Next, we moving on to low-light photography. I would prefer the Pixel and here’s why the overall picture is more exposed all around versus the Honor 30 Pro, the ultra-wide-angle on the Honor also it doesn’t do as good in the light, so I would prefer not to even touch it during these situations. Now even though these pictures may look cleaner on Honor 30 Pro keep in mind that it is a bit darker, so it can hide those noises and artifacts, but that’s just me. I would rather see a little bit more noise and see the whole picture exposed right than having a darker image, but a clearer picture. Now moving on night mode you do see a bigger impact on the Pixel than on the 30 Pro to me, it seems like the Honor 30 Pro already took a good picture in the first place that it doesn’t really need the night mode and last is super dark. Now looking at the pixel 4 images these pictures seem to have a lot more artifacts noise and it doesn’t look that good and when I use the night mode, it seems to clean up a lot of the noise and the whole image looks a lot cleaner, so every time when you point out something dark and the UI tells you you should use my site. I would definitely highly suggest doing it and that’s also one thing I like about the Pixel over to Honor 30 Pro is that it will tell you you should use it, so just tap on it and it’ll bring you straight to that night mode for video, they’ve both shoot 4k 30 max, so it’s pretty even there. That is a Camera comparison test between Google Pixel 4 XL versus Honor 30 Pro, hopefully, this comparison useful for you and please share and like this post to support Us making more great content and bye for now.

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