Download Google Pixel Camera Gcam 7.1 APK

Hey Pixel fans, Hedi is here, welcome back to Pixel 4 Manual Guide here with another episode so this is actually going to be an update, I’ve been making tips about how to Download Google Pixel Camera Gcam 7.1 APK, to get the Google Pixel 4 camera apk on your Android device and it successfully worked the one thing, I did notice is that when I installed the application developers hadn’t got to the point, where they didn’t put the portrait mode, so there was no portrait mode on the camera, otherwise everything else worked very smoothly and phenomenal, it still takes phenomenal photos, I will be making a comparison between the Pixel for camera app and the OnePlus 7 Pro. Now in today’s article I want to give you guys an update on Google camera version 7.1 and this is set version 7 is found on a pixel 4, so Gcam 7.1 is the newest update and I want to show you, how to download it, I’m just very thrilled and very happy and excited and I’d like to and I’d love to, so we’re gonna go into Chrome or whatever internet browser you use and then type in Android Sage right there, now if you do notice we’re going to go download link is here.

Google Camera Gcam 7.1 APK Download
Google Camera Gcam 7.1 APK Download

Now scrolling down it’s a pixel 4 camera APK remember 7.1 is a version, now just gonna have to read here, so it’s the latest cool cameras in point one, it’s targeted towards latest Android 10 versions, so it may not run on early Android versions like 9 PI or 8.1 earlier, so if you do have that keep that in mind you could still try and download it, but it’s not guaranteed to work, so it says, that this will run out most of the Android phones, including the oneplus 7/7 Pro and that’s what we’re looking for if you do have something like the essential phone, one any of Nokia’s or xiaomi redmi k20 pro, I don’t know who has that, but that’s a good phone, as well anyway we are going to scroll where it says pixel for 7.1 mod apk for all Android devices and this should work on the oneplus 7 Pro, as well as the oneplus 7, now remember it’s not 7.0 it’s going to be Gcam 7.1, so here we go we’re gonna download hopefully he goes through, so once that is done downloading, I’ll be back parents are back and we download it from mega file, just gonna press ok and then I press open to install and once that’s done installing.

We’re going to open it, so we’re gonna press open and here we are so Swiper options, oh it’s essentially the same there we go, there it is again and sweet so here is portrait mode, so we finally have portrait mode and from looks of it, since it’s still in beta instance is still in development, looks like it’s not working, but let’s try the camera, so it did boot us out looks like, it’s not fully ready yet let’s go back there again, there’s night sight and there are more options, so if we try to take another photo, it just blitz us up so for the time being, there is the option to download it, obviously it’s not working as a right now, so what I would do is I would still use just the original Google camera app or known as Gcam 7.1 and it looks like from the looks of it. I don’t I guess I must have uninstalled, that too so from the looks of it it definitely downloads, it opens, it’s just not working as of yet portrait mode and normal camera, it just kicks you out of the camera ap,p so just remember that otherwise, it’s still in the works, so we got to give those developers some time and effort and obviously, when they go we’ll pick so four comes out next week, well if you’re reading this tutorial the week before, so it’d be next week, but once that comes out, I’m pretty sure developers will get their hands on the pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL make more efforts and put in more work and definitely perfect the camera apk! I know the app didn’t function very well, but I just still want to show you guys, that there is a Gcam 7.1 APK out there, I hope you guys did enjoy this tips and thanks for your attention with this Download app Google Pixel 4 camera Gcam 7.1 apk and we will back to another Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL app reviews in next day!

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