Find Out More About Your Security Settings On Pixel 4 Device

Hello Pixel fanboys, welcome back with another Pixel 4 tips and tricks and today I want to help you to Find Out More About Your Security Settings On Pixel 4 Device, these security settings also can apply on your Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, in your pixel device period now pull down your notification shade, go to your settings come down here, go to security there you are the first thing you need to understand is how your Google Play protect works. Now if you have a Pixel device you are getting your monthly updates, now along with your monthly updates, the Google Play Store itself is scanning apps for malicious characters, if you follow tap in any way shape and form you’ll understand periodically. Google will kick certain apps out of the Play Store because they’ve been doing something nefarious, alright tap right here you can see what’s going on recently scanned apps YouTube, Google Earth, Twitter, Gmail, and my meme generator +69 more, it says right there looks good no harmful apps found, alright you can read here play protect readily checks your apps and devices for harmful behavior.

Let me explain something really fast to you if you want to go into your Chrome and do a search that says Android security, hit enter, it’ll take you to the Google Android security page and help you further understand how security works inside of Android. Let’s come back over here now on a minute back here right here BAM there we find my device turned on or an ad that turned on here find my device get it on Google Play web visit Android not fine Google search, any way you get the drift you want to have this turned on you lose your phone, you can either get on a computer or jump on another Android device and you can absolutely pink find your device, alright make sure you have that on a security update. I am currently running and you are – if you have a pencil device you were on the April 2020 security update. tap here see what’s going on you’re good to go see that Android version 10 security patch level, there you are next Google Play system update. Now for some reason, I’m on the February upgrade, this is a negative I should be in April, so what I’m going to do I love that name April by the way what I’m going to do is I’m going to tap here. I want to go ahead and it’ll prompt me to restart my device, all right then once it restarts it’ll be updated, but these are the major things that I wanted to show you all, they’re the reason I want to show you this is that way you have a better understanding I want you to gain more control over your Pixel device, that’s the way to do that, so screen lock you can see I’m using your PIN and I’m also using face unlock because this is a Pixel 4 XL say you’re using a Pixel 3, Pixel 3a device, you’re not going to have to face a lot, but you’re gonna have pinned and you will have fingerprint security. I recommend you enable all of those, alright so device administration apps. I don’t use anything like that because I like Google just take care of it, because this is a Google device and hold on let me stand by and let me come over here, let me tap on advanced, so let me look at my trusted agents real quick, all right so that was fun, that I was saying a second ago encryption I have I’m running Google encryption.

Right now the phone’s encrypted trusted agents. I have one trusted agent, that’s gonna be my smart lock Google screen penny. I have that turned off I could turn that on and it’s good to use screen pinning to say you have kids for example and you hand your phone to your kid to watch a video or something. I know some people are like you know why would you do that well, so you hand your little kid and you know how kids are they’re always pressing tapping, they’re always doing something and they go and they mess up something on your phone or they go and spend five thousand dollars on something, you didn’t want them to spend. I’m just saying so what you can do enable screen pinning, whatever app you’re using you can pin it then hand your phone to that person or kit whatever and then they won’t be able to mess up your phone. All right now what you do is you tap on it and Google here will show you how to do it, it’ll take you through the steps, but anyway I just wanted to show you all what’s going on here in your security in the security part of your settings, thank you for reading this Find out more about your security settings on Google Pixel 4 XL device, hopefully, this tutorial useful for you and see you on next Pixel 4 guides.

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