Gcam 7.4 App What’s New Feature?!

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Pixel 4 Manual, okay, so this is a super quick post on new Google camera 7.4 updates, which is now rolling out for pixel devices, so without further ado let’s go to Gcam 7.4 What’s New Feature?! This Gcam 7.4 is just a regular incremental update for the Google camera app, but it has some connotations for video shooters out there unfortunately despite initial signs that it might Google camera 7.4 still doesn’t bring a 4k 60fps recording capabilities, but it does bring some changes for the video modes, so we’re going to be comparing the Google Pixel 3 XL in Google camera 7.3 versus the Google Pixel 4 XL running the latest Google camera at 7.4 builds again this is rolling out, so expect to see the update on your pixel over the coming days, there isn’t a great deal newer from the outside must be said so for the most part nothing really has changed too much in terms of the UI, but dive into the video modes and enter the quick toggle and things are a little different here, as you can now quickly toggle between video resolution and frame rate. Don’t forget to read our previous post about the Pixel June 2020 security update that was released, a lot of bug fixes!

Now for the first time, you can toggle between 1080p and 4k without having to delve into new menus. However, 4k is still limited to 30 fps with no further framerate options, as we mentioned previously that’s not all though as this update will also allow you to zoom in up to 8 X on the Pixel 4 while shooting at 4k, which is presumably due to the extra telephoto zoom lens. An edition that might be really useful, if you are an average smartphone videographer and want to get closer to the action, unfortunately, that is really all there is to the Google camera some point for update Pixel 4 devices like we said this was just a quick ultra-quick hands-on showing you what’s new and hopefully not disappointing you too much, if you were hoping for 4k 60fps video on supported Pixel Hardware, then you might want to turn your attention to Filmic Pro, which is currently the only way to record 4k 60fps on pixel devices, it will set you back 15 dollars, so again by no means is this a comprehensive update they expect to see it rolling out of the coming days and weeks on your Pixel device alternatively, we will leave a link download Gcam 7.4 mod Google Camera 7.4 APK application below if you are happy to sideload on your smartphone if you have any questions be sure to pop them down below in comment form.

Will Google Camera 7.4 is a release for Pixel 4a and Pixel 5? Because this Gcam 7.4 APK very suitable for Android 12 ! Please wait until next time this is Hedy with Pixel 4 Manual, and I will share that with you later. Thank you all for reading this Gcam version 7.4 Google Camera application what’s new feature?! Please don’t forget to share and like this post and also subscribe to our RSS Feed to get lattes updates and information about the Pixel device.

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