Guide In Texting On Pixel 4 Device

Hello everyone Pixel 4 owners, welcome back to my web blog and welcome back to another Pixel 4 manual user guide on the Google Pixel for this baby here is such just an amazing phone. Today I will share some Guide In Texting On Pixel 4 Device. I’ve done so much with it, so far and I’ve absolutely loved it and I’m and I can’t wait to share everything that I have known about this phone to each and every one of you, in this today tutorial we’re talking about the texting functionality on this Pixel 4 XL device, if you haven’t seen my last guide make sure to check it out. we talked about the phone functionality, how to make phone calls, how to add a contact through the phone, how to put contacts as a favorite to your phone and more stuff like that, so make sure you check them out, it’s great content. The testing functionality is pretty simple, but we’re going to go into the settings of it as well, just learning about the inside and outside of the testing functionality, so let’s get started with recording the screen and making sure, that you can see everything, that I see right here, now since you’ve already seen everything, that I’m seeing now we want to go into the next step is the texting app and if you hold it for a long time, you can do go into a new conversation, you can text the recent person that you texted before, but in this case, let’s just press on that button or on that application and that brings you to your text messaging thread.

As you can see on my screen, as well I’ve already texted Dona on my screen, but in this case to say, if you haven’t texted anybody at all, we want to go in to start a chat in the bottom of the screen, there and that brings you into like a type of name phone number or email right into that two-section, where you can just put anything you want to on there, but let’s say if you already have a contact already saving to your phonebook and in this instant, Dona here we want to press on Dona’s name either the top one or the bottom one it doesn’t matter, but let’s say here Dona Mutia to the test messaging the red or if you just kept testing a person, that’s brand new you won’t have anything that’s on there. Let’s just have a simple message hi hi Dona, now Dona is a person that I just made up. I don’t know this person in all I just put contacts and a name together and it’s just one random person, so this person here if their name is Dona, they’re getting a bunch of text messages from hi my name is Hedi. Now since we’ve already sent Dona a message, there’s a lot of different things that come along this keyboard right, we have the keyboard, we have the predictive text, we also have the microphone on the other side, there if you want to you know to speak to it and it dictates it for you, you have the plus symbol, you have what’s look like an image and a canvas symbol, you have a text messaging box, you have a smiley face and you have what looks like an airplane with SMS in the bottom of it lots of stuff right, so well we’ll go into that bit by bit.

Let’s say if we want to send them like a picture message, right we want to go into the last side of the test machine box with a little CI camera an image you want to go into your photo and you can do like a gallery, you can you know go into like your pictures on the right side, there or you can take a picture, so a picture of the slide alright, so now we have that picture in our messaging box. Let’s press on the messaging box and you can add a text if you want to on there and if you want to add a text, it’s fun and if you want to send it to hit the little MMS with the airplane. All the way to the right side there and then we’ll send them a message. I will pretty much what we talked about since we send a message over to this person, we want to let’s say you know to talk about send them a gift or send him a sticker or something like that. Next to the picture symbol, there’s a plus symbol and it gives you all the gifts, that gives you all the stickers gives, you the location of access gives you like the microphone Google pay, Google requests share content and attach a file, so lots of different cool stuff that’s on this Pixel 4 XL, that I didn’t even know about before it even has this device.

Now if you want to get rid of this and go back to your keyboard, just press on the text message box and that brings the keyboard back up what we didn’t see on there was the emojis, right emojis are huge nowadays if we want to go into the emojis, we want to and on the keyboard press that little smiley face in the bottom of the keyboard and that gives you the classic emojis, gives you gifts gives you stickers, gives you different emojis on here, you can like search all the media as well, if you look into that magnifying glass icon, gives you all the media that’s on there, but let’s say if you want to send it emoji like a smiley face emoji, right sends them an emoji right away, so lots of different cool stuff that’s honest here device, that I haven’t seen on my older Android phones before and it could be the software itself, so really cool and really surprising so that all is Manual guide in texting functionality on Pixel 4 Xl device part one, and this manual guide in texting functionality on Pixel 4 will continue to part second, so stay tuned on this Pixel 4 Manual website and bye for now.

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