Guide To Get Wide Angle In Pixel 4 XL

Hey Pixel fans, welcome back to Pixel 4 Manual website, today I will share about Guide To Get Wide Angle In Pixel 4 XL, where the hell is the wide-angle lens, Google is the only company that seems to not be prioritizing and is actually actively moving away from the wide angle, that most people seem to enjoy the disappointment comes from the hardware, the main new addition is a 2 x optical zoom camera and that’s great, but I would have loved to see an ultra wide camera, here we’ve had them on devices as cheap as $300 and it really would have added a massive amount of flexibility to this setup, so it’s one standard camera and one telephoto a 2x telephoto, so they didn’t include an ultra wide camera on the Pixel 4, and I don’t know I was kind of waiting, this is something we’ve been waiting for for a long time, to see finally multiple cameras and a Pixel they’ve always done, the best they could with software with one camera, but the one thing you can’t fake with software, is an ultra wide, so while white ankle can be fun, we think telephoto total photo is more important.

Manual guide to getting wide-angle in Google Pixel 4 XL and now we have the Moment Photo Case for the Pixel 4 XL, as you can see here in the package now this cost me $39.99, if I can find it on there to make it easier for you guys, well this is the m-series black case and it is a black canvas and it does have some information here on the packaging in every day, case for people who love photography, it has some new shock absorption absorbing energy ama tree for revenge drop protection, it has a slim profile works with active edge on the Pixels. I mean you can squeeze the edge and there are no issues, there on the Pixel 4 and it has even worked with MM series lens interface to connect any m-series moment lens, so the connection on the back, it is 18 MM series, so if you have an M series lens, you can use this case with that lens and it does say, it has textured materials for a better grip on the back of the case, you’ll have some textured material and a camera strap attachment to wear your case, if you want to wear your case around your neck, I don’t know but this is the packaging, you came in pretty simple packaging and you do have the made for google Pixel branding there, so without further ado, let’s go ahead and open the bag and take a quick look at the case nothing else is in the bag and we do get this beautiful canvas picture, here BAM look at that and this is the extractions on just cardboard. Let’s get started enter the bottom of the phone to the case then slide the phone up and press firmly into the case to attach the lens align, the dashes on the lens on the side of the case press in and rotate clockwise 90 degrees, attach a strap to the thread cord through, one of the openings at the bottom of the case, so this does not come with a strap, but you can strap to these holes here at the bottom of the case, right off the back the case feels very very premium! you do get this soft microfiber material on the inside and you do have that shock absorption technology, all around the edge of the phone on the inside, you do have some branding there and photo k shop moment and on the back, you got this what they called texture material for a better grip, it is textured material, it’s not a fabric, it does seem a little bit of has a rubbery feel to it and you do have a moment branding, there on the almost top right corner of the phone and it does keep the old-school Pixel, like if you the old two-tone type of Pixel design, there we do have cover buttons.

Let’s go ahead and place the pic, so if I can get it off this case inside the moments case and bam, that was easy it goes in very easy, it has a very snug feel and fit to the phone keeps a very slim, profile does and add too much bulk, the buttons are nice and covered and easily press nice and tactile very responsive, no issues with the buttons, the cutout for the mic on top is nice and precise no issues, there as well as two cutouts for the bottom of the phone, nice and precise, no issues, there you do have an amount of cut out around the charging port, just a case you want to use a third-party charging cable. Now does this wirelessly charge to the case, and it does wirelessly charge through the case, no problems there and you do have a good amount of lip protection, all around the front of the phone, just in case you want to lay your phone facedown on a flat surface and of course, the back you do have a substantial amount of protection over the camera lens, no issues there, because you have this contraption, that allows you to add camera lenses from moment, so it no issues with laying your phone on its back on a flat surface, that camera lens is almost a hundred percent protected, no problems there, now I do have a temporal glass screen protector currently installed is the key title screen protector, but it does work nicely with the case, no problems there, so let’s go ahead and take my moment case, my mom, in case my moment lens here and see how this works, so basically I can actually use any of these two lenses and you kind of just turn clockwise and bam. I have a wide-angle lens on my Pixel 4 XL, so let’s check this out real quick take a picture BAM wide-angle, you can see the picture there a wide-angle with the wide-angle lens, so let’s go ahead and pop it off now if we put it on the other lens. I don’t know what it’ll do on the other lens, let’s see if there is a difference and there is a difference, because it does not use the other lens, now can we use it as a zoom and it does it does use it as a zoom, so you once you get to two two times zoom, you can use the Wide 18mm Lens on the two times zoom lens, there and you can take some zoom pictures at a wide angle, as you can see it’s using the regular lens, there but once you go to two times, let two times zoom, it switches over to the other lens and we didn’t do it that time there we go, you can see it’s swapped over, so let’s go take it off of that one, let’s use the regular one and BAM look at that let get that white ain’t going for video boom works good for video, as well there you have it guys this is the Moment Photo Case, where the Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL 39.99 40 bucks, but it does serve a purpose, you can use these em lenses from moment to attach this and give you wide angle fisheye look in some other lenses, that they have it serves a purpose for 40 bucks is not bad, because it’s actually a good protective case, as well for your Pixel 4 XL. Anyway please share and like or comment in the comments below, thank you guys for reading this manual user guide, I’ll see us in the next guide!

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