Guide To Sideload Latest OTA Update On Pixel 4

Hi there! Pixel fans, how are you?  I hope you’re doing well, Hedi is back here in Pixel 4 Manual, today is the first Monday of the month and we all know what that means Android updates nobody cares, most people don’t even know that this is a thing anyway did you get yours yet, because I didn’t so I had to manually sideload mine and if you stick around. I’ll show you Guide To Sideload Latest OTA Update On Pixel 4, okay so FYI January’s update includes a number of improvements for the pixel 2, Pixel 3 and also Pixel 4 series, while they might not be significant updates or updates remember the Og Pixel no longer receives updates, but let’s move on with the install the first thing, you’re gonna want to do is prep your Pixel, so we’re gonna enable developer options, if you don’t know how to do this go to your settings, scroll down to About phone, scroll down again to build number and then continue tapping that until you become a developer, then go to system advanced — > developer options and scroll down and enable USB debugging, you’ll get a message that asks to allow and just say okay. Read also our previous post about Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 Xl January 2020 security update available to download.


Okay so next we’re gonna download the SDK platform-tools from Android, I’ll leave a link in the description after you download it, unzip and leave it in your download folder, if you want I don’t really care just remember, where you put it, then we’re gonna download the OTA file. I’ll leave a link again in the description, but make sure you download the correct one for your Pixel, if you need help with this feel free to ask me in the comments or hopefully the community can help you, if I can’t get to you right away after it finishes downloading, move that file into the platform-tools folder, you don’t have to unzip it, just move it in there, okay now go ahead and plug your pixel into your PC, if you haven’t done, so already and then in that same platform-tools window, where your OTA file is going ahead and type CMD, once into command prompt type ADB reboot, recovery your phone, will restart and then you’ll get an Android, that looks kind of up with a no command message, don’t worry that’s okay!

Now what you need to do is hold down the power button on your pixel and then press the volume up button, while you’re still holding the power button down, you’ll end up with a screen that looks like this and then go ahead and use the volume rockers to scroll down to apply update from ADB your pixel, will prompt you with now send the package, you want to apply blah blah blah just go to your computer PC type ADB sideload and then well put a space, after sideload and then the file name to make it easy. I just copy and paste a name from the folder itself and then, that’s it’ll take a few minutes to update and now you can do this every month, instead of waiting was that easy not easy, if you’re stuck and you’re still having issues, why don’t you leave a comment in the comments. I will try to help you if I get a chance to it, if I can’t I know that we have kind of a somewhat active community so try to help someone out, thanks for reading this Manual guide to sideload the latest OTA update on Google Pixel 4 and I hope you enjoyed this Pixel 4 manual user guide, if you did don’t forget to hit subscribe RSS button, like and share this and I’ll see you next post and bye for now.

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