Hidden Pixel 4 And 4 XL Features You Need To Know!

What is going on guys? Welcome back to Pixel 4 Manual Guide and today I will show you Hidden Pixel 4 And 4 XL Features You Need To Know! today I am very excited to bring you the unboxing of Pixel 4, the best camera phone and should be in the top 5 phones of the year, that is the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phone, that I think we’ve all come to get excited about simply for the fact, that this phone typically has the best camera every year and this time I’m really really excited for the camera quality. What we have inside and also this little bottom box, that Google sent me as well so looks like we have you know USB stuff, I’m sorry SIM card removal and kits in here and we have a USB type-c 2a adapter, it’s an OTG cable type C to type C and a power brick, I’m wondering does this one charge faster than before, no it’s still 15 watt charger, so it’s 51 charged power brick and yeah I don’t know, if that’s any faster. I think that was the same as last year, I think it’s interesting, that Google didn’t kind of opt to go for a faster charge, since that’s kind of the trend this year, but I will say that I still love Google for going to wireless charging, I would choose that over other companies fast charge any day of the week, so I’m very very glad that we have this and I really just love this design, oh I’m so happy I got this color I was hoping, but I wasn’t sure if I would so very happy. I got it, it’s so funny because all of these phones, now are really making you second-guess my power, my volume, so Google has it on the right side, but I’ve been used to Samsung, which has on the left side and they have like the volume rocker power and they have the power volume rocker, so like I never know where buttons are anymore, if you like but overall I am happy, that we’re getting this really, I mean so out of all the complaints we got last year guys, as you know I famously did not get the 3 XL, because of the knots I did not like it, I chose to go with the 3 throughout the year and I like that.

Secret And Hidden Features On Pixel 4
Secret And Hidden Features On Pixel 4

I have this Pixel 4 now, so that you know it’s really a bigger screen, a bigger battery and I’m okay with the forehead, I do wish it was a little bit smaller, but this face scanning is supposed to be amazing especially with the radar, so this has a radar, so the basis is I have my hand like here, it would already detect that I’m going to pick it up and start scanning my face and by the time, I would lift it up it would be scanned, we will be chucking that out and a first impressions in a few second, so let’s go ahead and get everything else out of here, let’s go ahead and check out, what is this so we also got a case, which is really cool, ooh it’s like I want to say what kind of pan, this is like it’s like a 3d mesh kind of thing, it’s a nice, it’s like a fabric, you know what it reminds me of the Google home minis, that’s organizing ever now I guess it’s an estimate, but yeah and you have that orange to match, this one let’s go see how it fits you know, I’m gonna keep this on for now, just because I always like to have a case on my phone, but I definitely want to get a nice clear case, because I love the idea of showing this white off love the Panda effect has a very interesting way to do the volume rocker, I will say because its kind of like you can kind of feel it, but it all feels like one button, not separated as much, so teach their own, but the power button definitely feels good. Let’s go ahead and set this up and let me give you my first impressions on this Pixel 4, all right guys all set up and ready to go did the hole transfer from my pixel 3 and I have to say Google you made me so happy, okay so really set it up like the way a look I customize my look for it so you can customize in the theme, so that’s a really nice new touch, that I just kind of played around with immediately.

I’m so excited to see how the pixel 4 dozen video quality and that will come in the for view, make sure to check it out and of course there are all these hidden features, that I’ve already found on this Pixel 4, really some unique ones, so this is a big one though this is the one, that I was just so excited to finally see, I can’t tell you how I will say kind of look at each one of these, because each one has like its own thing so that is just a tip for the hidden feature section, that is definitely a cool feature, alright guys I cannot wait to go over everything in the full review of Google Pixel 4, you can get in this phone and I have 1080p at 60 frames per second recording, oh my god I just I love you, it’s just so great I am so excited about this, I can not wait to go ahead and test this out tonight and test stop to the next couple weeks, because that is a feature I wanted so bad fact, alright guys let me know what you want to see them for this Pixel 4, of course we’re gonna compare it to the iPhone 11 and the note 10 in camera quality, in video quality and everything else, can’t wait to test it out, thank you so much again Google for this device we will definitely test it out to its fullest extent. That all is Hidden Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL features you need to know about and this some hidden features on Pixel 4 will continue to the second part and don’t forget to follow us on our social media like Facebook and Instagram account.

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