How To Use Pixel 4 Astrophotography – Tips & Guide

Hello all Pixel 4 fans, I hope you’re having a great evening and today I will share How To Use Pixel 4 Astrophotography – Tips & Guide. I’m out here on a nice night and I am going to take an astrophotography shot. I am going to slide the mode into night sight and you can see the astrophotography on is already indicating that I can go ahead and take that photo. I’m gonna just go ahead and click on the screen here a minute to see if I can get the story’s a little more detailed, so there is a little star right there. Now I’m going to click the shutter button and we’ve got a little bit of light here, so it’s not dark, you want as dark as possible, so as you can see here, we’ve got to keep the phone, which is my pixel 4 XL on a tripod, so you want to make sure you have a tripod, aiming right to the sky and as you can see in 30 and 30 minutes and 29 seconds, you could see it’s already starting to make the night sight together and take the photo for you and when it’s done. I will show you the outcome, so I’ll just go ahead and let it do its thing you can see it, says fine-tuning image and that’s what it does, so we can see here also got the part of the tree to the left and another three to the bottom right, so 2 minutes 54 seconds and it will be finished up, so we’ve got a hold still well it’s on the tripod, so luckily I don’t have to hold, so I’m gonna let us do its thing and we’ll see what the outcome looks like.

Pixel 4 Night Sight Astrophotography Tips
Pixel 4 Night Sight Astrophotography Tips

Okay we’re down the last ten seconds, so it looks like it’s finishing up here and once we’re done, I’ll show you what the image looks like, now it’s done and I’m gonna go ahead and click on the image and there you go that is the finished product, now if you press on the icon on the bottom left, the second to the left, you can pick the different options and one of the options, we’re gonna pick the Astro and there we go and I’m gonna save a copy of that, so now if I click on here, so this is the original night sight with the Astro and then this is when you fine-tune it and pick that Astrophotography Mode, so there you go that’s as simple as it is to take an SEO photography shot with the Google Pixel 4 XL, obviously you can do some more editing with it, but this is at least to keep on the basic level, so you get an idea what it’s like and it’s pretty cool to see it in action. The only thing I noticed in the middle of the screen, it has this glow this hue to it, so maybe over time, they’ll get that a little better, but it’s truly amazing what this camera can do with this night shot mode.


Tutorial on how to use Google Pixel 4 XL Astrophotography Mode – tips & beginner guide, firstly you might need some extra accessories to really get the most out of the mode, as you actually can’t take Astro photos handheld as you can with night sight normally, my advice would be to pick up a compact tripod and the smartphone mount, of course, I already have that Pixel 4 accerories grip smartphone mounts you can get cheap options, but I’ve chosen these as the fluid head, allows you to point the tripod or a nice skyward angle for the best effect, you can’t stick your phone against a rock to get the same effect, but that might not be steady enough to get the best image overall, no once you’ve got the essentials out of the way, you will need something else a dark, hopefully, starlit secluded spot with little light pollution to really get the best astrophotos out of your pixe,l to get started open up the night sight mode and ensure that you’re pointing upwards at an angle, your phone will determine how long to take an exposure, anywhere from 1 minutes of 5 minutes although the maximum. I’ve seen on my pics r4 is only 4 minutes or 4 seconds tap the shutter button, and once complete the image will process and you’ll get the end result, get out of town as far as you can to get the best astrophotos, though as in cities and large towns street lights will really ruin the overall effect to give you a flavor of what to expect, here’s a few examples to show you, just what you can achieve with a little bit of patience. Now you know what you’re doing let us know how you’re getting on with the new Google Pixel astrophotography mode and thanks so much for reading this Pixel Astrophotography manual user guide, let me know if you have any questions and bye for now and have a great day everyone.

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