Pixel 4 & 4 XL Everything You Need To Know!

What’s up Pixel fans, welcome back to need to know I’m Hedi from Pixel 4 Manual Guide and today we’re gonna talk about an event you can’t miss the Google pixel for launch and Pixel 4 & 4 XL Everything You Need To Know! yes the software King Strikes Back on the 15th of October in fact why is this late-bloomer, Google’s pixel line is so young Samsung and Apple are at their what ten eleven rodeos, while pixel is at their fourth try on a mature market like this one, the pixel phone is still a newcomer, but last year guys its camera one us over night sight, set the bar for low-light photography for a phone, the secret software see unlike other tech giants, Google did not start with hardware and figured out the software later, now Google went the other way around with Android, under its belt and the freaking horde of services we all use Google just needed the body for its phone, easy peasy get a chip from here a display from there and they were done granted all the pixels, before were a bit traditional in design in display, but that’s about to change case in point pixel 4 and 4 XL, all the rumors so far and man they’ve been pouring is that, it’s the most leaked phone ever so older rumors show a phone that’s nailing the design with a camera software, that’s almost too good to be true, oh and it strikes a chord with gamers, how well Google stadion rings a bell, so why is my usually skeptical self.

so excited for the pixel for for several reasons, one is designed pixel 4 will finally ditch the two-tone buddy for a one tone glassy finish, I mean okay I get they tried to please everybody, but when did that ever work out there are always lessons and failures, yes you must be very wise by now on the glossy rear will fit a square camera bump, please don’t tell me that will become a trend at least Apple color-coordinated the bump with the phone’s color. Google won’t it’s black all around even if pixel 4 is set to come with white and coral on the front Google’s, people-pleasing attitude is about to pay off we won’t get the knotch, but there will be a bezel only a top bezel, they will slim the china matte black frame should give you a better grip, all around if you go case free, now let’s talk camera this is where pixel phones shine and pixel 4 won’t be the exception, pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL are getting two cameras on the back and a single front camera, if iPhones kick ass at low-light videos, pixel phones do the same with stills all the low-light shots, will look better thanks to the new pixel neural core Night Sight, the night mode that inspired all the other night modes, out there will reach the Stars this time literally Infinity focus will be the new night sight feature, that will use the GPU and start tracking to follow stars and brighten them you will still need a tripod short, but your astrophotography will resemble a DSLR, we’ll see about that that seems to be the mission of the pixel phones, right to take photos as good as DSLRs can, for example, motion mode, this will be a new feature for sports and action shots, it will keep the subject in focus blurring the background or do exposure camera control, this will be pretty cool! you’ll get to tweak the highlights and shadows in preview mode, before pressing the shutter button, we are also expecting a possible expanded view just like iPhone 11 has and a horizon leveling feature surprises don’t in here, what would you say if I told you to fingerprint recognition is out, yep Google’s bitch tips face unlock is taking its place Google pretty much confirmed it, it’s set to work just like face ID, but in any orientation yes landscape – and you might not even need to swipe up to unlock the phone, after recognition is complete another feature, that is good to have, but hardly a novelty is gesture control just like LG g8 and May 30 pro, pixel 4 will react to your Jedi gestures, although not a hardware company at its core Google’s it designed the chip to make it happen, it’s the project soli you may have heard about soon, it will hit the market what am I forgetting, I just I keep having this nagging feeling, that I’ve forgotten something, hey if you forgot it probably wasn’t, all that important oh the gaming part, but before we get to it there are still some items.

Google pixel 4 will tick off your wish list the software King will have live HDR dark mode, ambient EQ basically true tone for Google phones, what else Oh audio zoom focusing on the sound source was pointing the camera at and nine-one-one feature in case of car crash, the phone will call emergency services automatically and the alarm and vibration will set off the last thing, we believe will make pixel 4 stand out is gaming, what I told you about the display before I left something out refresh rate, well guess what that went up a notch pixel 4 will come with 90 Hertz refresh rate, if that puts a grid on your face, it’s probably because you’re thinking about Google stadia, yep the streaming service will be out just as pixel 4 is widely released, you will basically get the chance to play on the go no installation needed, free of charge for a base option and also for $10 a month for stadia probe, fYI stadia is not Apple arcade or Google Play Pass, it’s not a gaming subscription it’s more like a Netflix for gaming, instead of paying a monthly fee to access every title for $10 a month stadium pro, lets you stream them even at 4k at 60 frames per second, if the game allows it and your internet connection is strong stadia will first work on the pixel phone, later on from any device that has Chrome Google stadia will also come with a controller, it looks very much like the ps4, but has its own Wi-Fi radio this means it will cut down on latency to stream on youtube. Thank you for reading this Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL everything you need to know article, we’ll see you in the next on pre-order Pixel 4 news.

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