Pixel 4 Release Date, Rumors And New Features 2019

Hello what’s up to Google Pixel fans, this is my first post on pixel4manualguide.com! Hedi is here and today we will talk about Pixel 4 Release Date, Rumors And New Features 2019, so the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is set to release date on October 15th at Google’s event in New York – USA, but we already know pretty much everything, there is to know about this device, Now I want to walk you through all the details about the upcoming Google Pixel 4, as well as why I don’t think, that the October release time was really a good decision on Google’s part, so the first thing you’re gonna notice, if you take a look at the renders or official images of the new pixel 4 2019 is the brand, new design, so we still have the rounded corners on the front display, but rather than a notch we now have this large bezel all the way across the top of the device, we now have a new material around the outer band, as well and the back glass has shifted away from the half frosted half glossy glass, to just a full glossy sheet of glass with a brand new square camera cutout, that’s very reminiscent of the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and that display on the front is new, as well so we’re looking at a 5.7-inch screen on the standard-sized pixel and a 6.3-inch screen on the Pixel 4 XL, which is, of course,┬áthe larger model and that one is expected to be 1440p resolution and while we don’t know the resolution of the regular-sized Pixel 4, it’s safe to assume it’ll be a right around 1080p, but the big upgrade on both of these screens is the 90 Hertz refresh rate, that’s going to be coming to them on this Google new device 2019.

Google Pixel 4 Release Date On October 15th
Google Pixel 4 Release Date On October 15th

We’re just going to be a big upgrade and one that I think we really missed in the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the specs, that are coming on this smartphone is pretty standard, so we’re looking at this snapdragon 855 processor, which is, of course, the latest from Qualcomm as well as a 2800 or 37 hundred million power battery depending on which model you go for, but a point to note here on these specs is the 6 gigabytes of RAM, which I think is going to be a big problem obviously, the Google Pixel 3 has received a barrage of complaints with its mini-scale four gigabytes of RAM and while 6 is an upgrade, I just don’t think it’s enough when compared to the 8 to 12 gigabytes, we are used to expecting on flagship phones, don’t get me wrong this is definitely going to feel fine at launch, but I think with just 6 gigabytes it’s going to age very quickly and you’re going to be she had more in about six to nine months and at 6 gigabytes of RAM, I just definitely don’t think that Google could justify a flagship-level price unless they finally figured out, how to optimize RAM in the same way that Apple does on iOS and the battery is another area, where the Pixel 3 struggled and the Google Pixel 4 really needs to correct that mistake, but with this 90 Hertz refresh rate, that’s definitely going to be drawing a lot of power and while was fine on the Oneplus 7 Pro, we have to remember that that device also had a four thousand milliamp-hour battery, rather than the 2800 milliamp hours were going to be seeing on the standard size Pixel, so it’s definitely up in the air, how that’s gonna end up performing so switching gears here for a second and taking a look back at the rear of the device we are looking at that brand new camera unit, the square cutout, it is now the first time that Google is installing a dual-camera system, obviously they’ve been known for having great cameras for a while now, but they’ve always gone for a single unit this here, they are going for that dual camera, but the secondary camera, unfortunately, looks like it’s going to be a telephoto lens, rather than an ultra-wide, like we’ve seen on some of the other flagships smartphone this year.

I hope is that we can get out there a 5x or 8X optical zoom out of this lens, I think that would actually make it a bit interesting, but if they end up going with us today 2x or 3x, I’m definitely going to be missing the ultra-wide, that we get in the iPhone 11 and Note 10 and the camera software is going to be eating some tweaks, as well so we should be getting at least two new camera modes namely, an action mode where you can capture sports photography or anything, that’s moving quickly and an Astrophotography mode, which takes a long exposure of the sky and should be better for capturing stars and things that are very dimly lit, so essentially two opposing modes, one that snaps a photo very quickly and one that snaps in very slowly and this year, the wide-angle isn’t just missing from the rear camera, it’s going to be missing from the front camera, as well you may remember that the Google Pixel 3 introduced a dual front-facing camera, that you punch out into a wide angle lens and that camera is now gone in this 2019, but I would imagine they’re still going to be doing something similar in software, so it wouldn’t be surprising, if we see only an ultra-wide lens on the phone, that can crop into a more traditional looking selfie, so that you still get both options and there’s actually going to be a lot surrounding, that front-facing camera in this brand new, very large notch so we have of course the front-facing camera, we have dual IR cameras, we have flood illuminator adopt projector and ambient light sensor, a soli sensor, it’s just a lot going up in that top-notch, but what exactly is it all going to do other than just dramatically reduce, the screen to body ratio on this device, well the IR camera array the flood illuminator and the dot projector is going to be working in unison to provide face unlock features, that are very similar to the tech in Apple’s face ID, so Google is springing for a very secure face on lock, here we’re not exactly sure what’s happening with the fingerprint sensor unlocked, so that is missing from the back of the device, but we don’t know if it’s moved to underneath the screen to the lock button or if it’s just completely gone altogether, I obviously wouldn’t be surprised if that is what happened given that Apple made the same move, when they move to face ID, now there is also that soli sensor up there and that is basically a radar sensor, that’s going to be able to read off the screen gestures. thanks for reading this Google Pixel 4 release date, rumors and new specs features in 2019 and we will come back again with Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL prices, specs and unboxing in the next post!

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