Pixel 4 Vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Night Mode Comparison

Hello everyone, Hedi here and welcome back to Pixel 4 Manual website, today I will share about Pixel 4 Vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Night Mode Comparison, another comparison in the New Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Pixel 4 XL, we take a look at all the cameras to see who has the best in low-light conditions and you guys can make your choices as well, now in this comparison test you’re gonna see all the Galaxy S20 auto images on the left with the Pixel 4 Xl and the iPhone 11 Pro Max images on the right. Now let’s go ahead and start off with our selfie images, so the very first set of images are between the Galaxy S20 Ultra versus the Pixel 4 XL, the ultra has a little bit darker tone to it, but you can still see my face quite well the Pixel 4 XL is brighter, but there’s a lot of grain in the image and you can see my shirt much clearly with the Pixel 4 XL image, so I kind of like what the Pixel 4 XL is doing here, now iPhone users know the iPhone doesn’t have night mode in the front-facing camera, which is why this image is much dark, very grainy and it’s there’s not a lot of detail in terms of what you’re looking at when you’re looking at myself image, yourself take that as you will, now the second image here the Pixel 4 XL is brighter, but also softer in terms of my face compared to the S20 Ultra, which has more detail, but not as bright the color of my shirt is better represented by the Pixel 4 XL, while the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra not so much. Don’t forget to read also our previous post about Pixel 4 Vs Galaxy S20+ Vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Review & Comparison.

Google Pixel 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Night Mode Test
Google Pixel 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Night Mode Test

Now compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, well again, you can see the dilemma max just doesn’t have a night mode, so you can’t recreate anything that comes to par, but this gives you a position of where I was sitting and what all the cameras actually doing, now when we go to the main lens here, the Pixel 4 XL is really bright in the scene. Now there’s a lot of detail in both images the s20 ultra has a lot of nice details, a slight yellow tint they out say. I like what the Pixel 4 XL is doing and then when you look at it compared the S20 Ultra, compared to the learn from Max and then 11 Pro Max has much more of a yellow to it, so you can see that this image is good all them are good, but I would say the S20 Ultra is better than the Pixel file to do it better than the Olympic max, for me here in this image, now this image here has a lot of detail, there’s a lot of details in the structure and the Galaxy S20 Ultra really highlights those details much better. I think that Pixel 4 XL also brightens it up a bit more, I think both images are good, but I really like what the Samsung S20 Ultra is doing here with a sharpening, where you can see the brick building on the left, just has more color to it and more textured layers compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. the Apple 11 Pro Max is again that yellow tends to show enough more and you can see clearly, the S20 Ultra image is brighter and also showing you a lot more altogether. Now the iPhone 11 Pro Max image is good, don’t get me wrong, but I think when you look at here in terms of the details, you get in the estimate, your image is better.

In this is a 5x zoom image, I just wanted to show you guys here quickly and showing you, what the Galaxy S20 also can do with its zoom and 5x in night mode. Now when we move to our very next image here, this is an ultra-wide shot now, of course, the done Apple 11 Pro Max doesn’t have ultra-right and no light, so that’s something of the Apple changes, but the S20 Ultra really shows what it can do in low-light, can shoot! you can see both images, there are more details, you can see the fans clearer, you can see all the antenna as well as also the water tower quite clearly in the S20 Ultra image. Now we go to the mainland’s here and we compare you can see that the iPhone 11 Pro Max image is a bit brighter than the s20 ultra in this, but when you look at the things in the foreground those fans look much sharper and brighter in the S20, also image in comparison both images are good, so I do like both images, but they’re different points, they’re focusing on Wow, if you look at the Pixel 4 XL image, you can see it is definitely much brighter all across the board, so I think in this case the Pixel 4 XL has the better shot. Right here really bright, you can see the fans the rust more clearly less of the yellowness as, you see in the Galaxy S20 ultra image, Now moving on to our Next image here, the iPhone 11 Pro Max compared to the S20 Ultra. I think the Ultra has just so much, it’s much sharper and better dynamic range in this shot, you can see if looks less hazy the iPhone 11 Pro Max, when you look further down to the what water towers that scene feels a little hazy the the the lights a little bit clouded and there’s not enough sharpening if you will now moving over to the Pixel 4 XL the image is brighter overall, but it feels like on the far end you know the building towards the far left with all the lights looks like those lights are becoming a little bit cloudy if you are well again the S20 Ultra still has that sharper tone and look to it. I do like the Pixel 4 XL image overall is brighter, but I think the Galaxy S20 ultra image I think gives me a much more balanced. That is Google Pixel 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max night mode images comparison part one and this comparison will continue to part two! So don’t forget to Like, share and Subscribe Pixel 4 Manual RSS feed to get the latest information about Pixel phone direct to your email and social media account.

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