Pixel 4 VS Pixel 4a – Let’s Talk About Price

Hey, Pixel fanboys, Hedi is back here for Pixel 4 Manual, today topic about Pixel 4 VS Pixel 4a – Let’s Talk About Price, so just as we are getting really excited about the Pixel 4a. Google goes ahead and drops the price of its late 2019 flagship. Pixel 4 phone big time, and now we’re left asking ourselves, the question do I get the Pixel 4a, or do I spend $100 more and get a premium Pixel 4 that’s the question, we’re gonna answer in today’s news. So the Pixel 4a hasn’t come out yet, but in typical Google fashion, everything’s already been leaked. We basically know. I mean we know everything about this thing, it’s an upgraded version of the Pixel 3a, which was a big hit in 2019, 6 Gigabytes of RAM, a Snapdragon 730 processor, a 5.8 inch OLED screen, a great camera in the back definitely a 64-gigabyte model and most likely the second option of 128 gigabytes for your storage. All starting at 399, if you want more details on what we know about the pixel 4a, I’ll link to a comparison below, that I recently did that discusses, whether or not it’s worth waiting for the Pixel 5 or if you should just get the pixel 4a when it comes out, however, things have gotten interesting.

Now Google is having an insane sale, where you can get the Pixel 4 as low as $499, you’re talking a premium glass build, snapdragon 855 processor, wireless charging, better camera facial recognition, Motion Sense technology, a 90 Hertz display plus the option 4a XL model, which the pixel 4a will not have all for $100 more. Now the sale going on technically ends on May 9, so depending on when you see this comparison. The price may be different, but I would be surprised if the price doesn’t drop down to these levels after the pixel 4a is officially announced, which we’re expecting to happen sometime later this month. Yes, the pixel 4a it got some hate last year. Okay, let’s admit that, but let’s also not forget that it is a really good phone and, in my opinion. The best phone when it comes to AI, and that’s really Google’s bread and butter then when you factor in the new low price, you’re talking about a seriously underpriced mid-range phone, there are better phones on the market right now than the pixel 4, but they’re also starting at $1,000. Pixel 4 is starting at $499 for the 64-gigabyte model. For $100 more you can get the 128-gigabyte model, the XL model starts at $599 for the 64-gigabyte model and as high as $699 for the 128-gigabyte model, so like we were talking a couple of weeks ago, that was a $1000 phone literally $1000, you’re now getting it for $700, so back to the main question, should you get the pixel 4a or spend just a little bit more and get that flagship quality Google Pixel 4?

The answer really depends on how interested you are and waiting for the Pixel 5, which will probably come out sometime late 2020, and that’s assuming this whole pandemic thing hasn’t knocked that timeline to be even later. We don’t know right now, and I get it it’s early, but right now, the renders for the pixel 5 they look different! We’ll just say that it’s different, it’s also pretty certain that this Google phone the Pixel 5 is going to be a mid-range 7 65 processor, so it’s pretty safe to assume that the pixel 5 is pivoting this year and it’s gonna be competing in that upper mid-range area, which I think is where the Pixel will shine, it’s going to be better than the pixel 4a, but it’s likely not going to try to compete with the flagship phones like Apple and Samsung are putting out there are rumors of a pixel Ultra floating around. I feel like I hear that every single year and until I see some more meat to that theory. I’m not banking on it. Therefore my recommendation is to take advantage of this new price $499 for a late 2019 flagship phone. I don’t care who you are that is a steal of a deal, that’s my opinion. Now I want to know what your opinion is? Let me know in the comments below, what you would do in this situation and just where you stand on the whole pixel phone lineup. Remember, I also go live every single week over on Twitch and Facebook fan page, where I have follow-up discussions to these blogs. I will answer questions, and thank you for reading this Google Pixel 4 versus Pixel 4a – let’s talk about price comparison and see you on another pixel 4 comparison test, and don’t forget to download Pixel 4a Manual User Guide PDF in that link.

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