Pixel 4 XL Battery Life Test

Google Pixel 4 XL Battery Drain Test
Google Pixel 4 XL Battery Drain Test

Hello, what is going on Pixel fans, it is Hedi from Pixel 4 Manual today I will make Pixel 4 XL Battery Life Test, now I have seen the comments and a lot of people out there have a hate-on for this device and a lot of it seems to be ridiculous points that, I don’t necessarily agree with and we’ll talk about those, today so I’ve been using this phone for about one month, now and I’m ready to give it my full review of Pixel 4 XL battery test, now I want to start off by talking about the design because this is easily the best-looking Pixel of all the versions before, now I did love the two-tone design on the Pixel 2 and the 3, but the simple frosted back on this clearly white or panda version is so appealing to me, as much as I would have liked the orange color. I think that’s a color that I would have gotten tired of much before the white the best thing about this white version is the matte back, it almost feels like a hard rubber, it’s so smooth it’s hard to describe without you being able to feel it though where most phones have a rounded edge with glass seeping over the sides. the Pixel just abruptly stops the back with a matte band around the entire phone and I love it, it makes it very comfortable to hold and makes me more confident with Pixel 4 battery life.

Now let’s talk about battery life test on Pixel 4 XL, the display on the Pixel 4 XL is absolutely gorgeous people are saying and yes it is definitely very nice, maybe it’s because I never had the display issues, that the Pixel 2 and three head, but I think this display is absolutely fine a six-point three-inch AMOLED with a resolution of 3040 by 1440 is definitely the highest Ellucian display. I’ve had to date and everything is nice and shirt, but the biggest change this year is the refresh rate ninety Hertz, we finally got it kind of I to say kind of because yes the refresh rate is definitely 90, but here in November unless you have the newest security patch, it seemed to dip below the 90 very often my experience up, until this patch was that it seemed like the Pixel 4 would always adjust my brightness to 74%, which before the update would cause it to drop back down to sixty Hertz, thankfully that has been updated with the new December update security patch, I’m now getting 90 Hertz most of the time and more consistent battery life and we will definitely talk about battery life in fact, I have a theory about the Pixel 4 battery life, but quickly rounding up the display this has been an absolute pleasure to use colors are vibrant the stereo speakers are awesome on it, and besides the taller aspect ratio, lately causing me to have to still pinch to zoom for sixteen by nine content still seems to cut off, most people’s heads, but that’s most phones these days even with that, it’s been great I even like the wide rounded corners, I think they’re great in comparison to something like the note 10 plus with a giant square displays, I really like the way this makes me feel like it smooths out, the whole experience I don’t know it’s just very Google, I have not had one major complaint about the display so far, so we do have to talk about it, so here’s my theory on the Pixel 4 battery life when this phone came out people were complaining non-stop about the battery life on the Pixel 4 series and on the smaller Pixel 4.

I completely get it that one is really not great on battery life, but the Pixel 4 XL is a bit of a different story in my original testing, I had a theory that the Pixel 4 uses more battery by ramping up and down the display from 90 to 60, and back again than it does just staying at 90 and it seemed in my testing, that this was true since I forced 90 Hertz on and got five hours at nine minutes of screen on time, but when I turned off force 90 Hertz, I would get results that were just over four hours, so the next day I forced 90 Hertz on, but kept dark mode on all day and I got six hours and 46 minutes of screen on time, so what is my theory proved well ever since Google updated, their Hertz ramping it completely messed up my testing, so I’ve just been testing dark mode on and off without ninety Hertz forced, since then and I’m getting on average between 4.5 and 5 hours of screen on time, it’s still not great, but it is definitely manageable so to everyone who really, it’s the best battery life out of the Pixel 4, just turn on dark mode, all the time I mean people have been complaining about getting it for the past two years, anyways so most people should be happy to use it, but with that on you should have reasonable battery life and on the Pixel 4, it might actually make it through a day important point here, I’m not actually talking about the battery saver function, that in and of itself is a godsend, but just dark mode that takes advantage of the OLED screen, but on the Pixel 4 XL for most people, you shouldn’t have to worry about it, not lasting a full day, it has only gotten close to dying on me twice in my testing. That is Google Pixel 4 XL battery drain life testing part one and this test will continue in the next article! please submit your email in our RSS feed to send automatic emails to you, every time I publish a new post about Google Pixel 4 and XL.

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