Pixel 4 XL: Honest 7-Month Review

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Pixel 4 Xl Manual, and today I want to talk about Pixel 4 XL: Honest 7-Month Review, you know the design of this phone has never really wowed. I love the feel and finish, but truthfully I think that Pixel 3 has way better aesthetics, that not the pink two-tone design was beautiful, the only complaint I have about the built itself is that the par bun has gone mushy on me and no longer has that satisfying click on sunny days. The display still doesn’t get as bright as I would like and at night jumping, the brightness down causes this weird green tint outside of those two complaints. The 90 Hertz screen and speakers have actually been really good during day to day use, the top bezel isn’t pretty, but hey at least it doesn’t cut into the content. I actually found a motion sense handy in the car and the kitchen to skip songs, it can do a few other things, but for me, the limited use just didn’t justify the standby, better dream of keeping it enabled. I’ve been waiting for Google to drop new super-cool uses for most of the sense, so I can give it another chance, but the only thing we’ve received so far is a new tap gesture to play and pause music.

I love a gesture for maybe picking up or declining a phone call, there’s definitely untapped potential here once I disabled motion sense. The 3700 milliamp-hour battery actually fared really well, I still carry an extra power bank fortress, where I plan on using the camera a lot, but for normal day-to-day use it’s been good the radar-based face unlock is one of the highlights on the Pixel 4 XL, it’s not only fast, but it’s also secure unlike the 2d options, you see in a lot of other phones that can be tricked with a picture with the lift to wake and the skip lock screen toggles, turned on the unlock experience is up there with the iPhone. The April security update also finally added a require eyes to be an open toggle, which was something the phone received a lot of slack for it took a while, but hey at least it’s here now what is this so great, is that my banking app here in Canada still isn’t supported by face unlock. Thankfully most password managers are, so it’s only been a few clicks away not ideal, but I can live with it for now. All these quirks are quickly forgotten because the Pixel 4 XL still takes my favorite photos from any phone, it’s all preference, but whenever I look back at memories the photos from the Pixel were consistently my favorite with maybe the exception of selfies. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra currently holds that count for me, Google is software magic makes it so easy for anyone to take good photos in any situation. I passed along my Pixel 3 to my mom and I’ve been so surprised at some of the family photos, she’s been able to take and she’s bad at taking pictures with people, the contrast can really emphasize wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, which isn’t all that flattering having the ability to tweak both the highlights and shadows, separately before snapping a picture is another option to tone, that contrast down video isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it’s been more than capable of capturing those special moments for casual use.

The max of video resolution of 4k 30 frames per second easily gets the job done, I’ve recently discovered a feature similar to Samsung’s a video snap, that’s built right into the Pixels video editor, letting me save a photo from any video recording, so that’s pretty cool much like the camera, the software is where the phone really shows its term although. I have experienced a few glitches here, there 99% of the time this thing is silky smooth. The playful animations effects combined with well-tuned tactics really improved the experience. I used the squeeze to launch Google Assistance, way more than I thought I would four quick questions to turn up lights or for simply adding things to my shopping list. The Now Playing feature has led me to discover so many awesome new jobs, that I otherwise would have never found the Google phone app, seems to block way more spam calls automatically, than any other phone I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but it feels like every time. I put my sim into another phone the number of spam calls increases for the ones, that do get through I can let call screening handle things it’s easily. One of my all-time favorite features Google’s also been doing these future drops, where new functionality is added to the phone like the ability to schedule dark mode and rules, that put the phone on vibrate silence or sound mode based on location or Wi-Fi network. The pizza launcher has basic levels of customization and that’s good for simplicity, but what I really want is the ability to create folders in the app drawer, so what’s the verdict after seven months. Thank you all for reading this Google Pixel 4 XL: My honest 7-month review and see you on another Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 completed a review after the device was released.

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