Pixel 4 XL Review After 60 Days

Hey Pixel phone fans, welcome to Pixel 4 Manual and Hedi is back here, where I review everything about Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 Xl, today I will show you Pixel 4 XL Review After 60 Days, so it’s been about two months since I got my Google Pixel 4 XL and I’ve got a lot to say about this one of the best smartphone right now, I’ve heard many contradictory opinions about this device, some people were disappointed some people loved it, well I guess it’s a typical situation when a new flagship comes out speaking of loops and design, I got my phone in the clearly white color, I personally love the design of the new Google pixel 4, it’s quite minimalistic it has a matte glass back aluminum frame and a nice touch this vibrant power button on the side and despite being the XL model, this phone is pretty lightweight, I especially feel this, when I take my piece of her XL at you’re holding my iPhone 11 Pro Max for a while and right away, it feels like such a relief for my hand and let’s talk about one of the most important aspects in any smart phone the display the Pixel 4 XL has a six point three inch OLED display, the thing about this display I’ve been most excited about is that, it’s matter has capable by default it automatically switches between 60 and 90 Hertz depending on the apps and the content you’re watching, however if you want you could force Nana Hertz in the developer settings, this display is very responsive and extremely smooth, all the swipes feel instant it also looks very sharp and so far I’ve had nothing, but an amazing experience with this display and of course when it turns on my Pixel 4 XL for the first time.

Google Pixel 4 XL 60 Days Later
Google Pixel 4 XL 60 Days Later

I noticed that this device has pretty thick bottom and top bezels, however when I’ve started to use this phone on the daily basis, I’ve actually stopped noticing them with a new ambient eq feature and the display on the Pixel 4 XL adjusts, its white balance to the light around you providing you the most accurate viewing experience, this feature reminds me of Apple’s true tone on the knife own however while the two-tone makes colors look much warmer on the display of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the ambient EQ makes this difference more subtle on the Pixel 4 XL and when it comes to the brightness of the display on the Pixel 4 XL, I cannot call it the brightest display, I’ve ever seen it’s obviously dimmer than say the iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, I’ve never experienced any viewing problems indoors, but I have to admit that when I use my picture for XL outdoors, it honestly could be better and I would say this is the only shortcoming of this display for me, however when it comes to using this phone on the daily basis it honestly doesn’t really bother me since most of the time I use my phone indoors anyway.

Now let’s review about the battery after 60 days later, we have 3,700 milliamp hours on the Pixel 4 XL and first let’s do a quick test and see how long, it takes when it comes to charging the Pixel 4 XL my phone was absolutely dead 0% and I’m using the original cable an 18-watt power adapter, that came in the box, by the way, the Pixel 4 XL also supports wireless charging and in 10 minutes we get 14% in about 30 minutes, we get 46 percent one hour later as you can see we have 78% we get 93% in one hour and 30 minutes and finally takes well almost two hours to fully charge. The Google Pixel 4 itself and speaking of battery life, this fall easily last me through the day. I usually have about 30% left by the end of the day, of course, the battery life will depend on your usage and other things like average display, brightness, installed apps, settings and so much more, usually, I don’t play games on my smartphones, I just prefer doing it on devices with bigger displays, however, I use the camera app a lot, which is pretty demanding especially when it comes to video YouTube, Instagram, Spotify. I guess I’m pretty much like any other average user.

How about biometrics and security features, unlike its predecessors? the Pixel 4 XL doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, which could be a bummer, if you’re a fan of the fingerprint unlock, I think I’ve personally stopped caring about fingerprint sensors for quite, some time so haven’t just the face ID is perfectly fine for me, especially if it’s fast and intuitive and when it comes to the Pixel 4 XL, the face unlock works really fast, thanks to the motion sense, the new feature on the Pixel 4 XL, when you reach for your phone the reader, can sense your hand and the phone starts preparing for the identification process, so when you take your phone, it’ll locks in an instant and that’s why I actually prefer to keep the skip lock screen option disabled, otherwise my Pixel 4 XL just keeps unlocking, when I just hold it in my hands the face unlock feature, on the Pixel 4 XL is implemented with infrared projector in the camera to create and read inaccurate depth map of your face, which is considered to be more secure since it can be tricked with a photo or a video, however the thing I personally don’t get is how is that possible that works with closed eyes, for me it ruins the whole idea of safety and in my opinion, this facing log doesn’t feel complete however, Google says that it has been working on an option for users to require their eyes to be open to unlock the device, which will be delivered in the software update in the coming months and not available yet on Pixel 4 and 4 XL December security update, so I’ll be waiting for this update, that is my Google Pixel 4 XL review after 60 days later and hopully this Pixel 4 review was useful for you, thanks for coming to this website and bye bye…

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