Pixel 4a Could Be The Most Successful Pixel Ever Made?

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Pixel 4 Manual website, Hedi is here, and today I will share about Pixel 4a Could Be The Most Successful Pixel Ever Made? It seems like the stars are aligning for the Google Pixel 4a launch coming later this month or delay until next month on June 2020, here’s why for those of you living under a rock for the past two months, there’s a global pandemic and between the terrifying uncertainty and the huge loss of jobs over the past little bit, it’s no surprise that fewer people want to spend eight hundred a thousand or fourteen hundred dollars on a smartphone, which isn’t great for most mainstream flagship OMS, because that’s how much flagships cost these days, in fact, We ran a poll on our website and wrote Authority calm sea if you lovely people preferred the $499, OnePlus 7t the $699 OnePlus 8 or the 899 OnePlus 8 Pro and by a landslide the cheapest, OnePlus 7t was the winner despite older hardware overall and we even made those Hardware comparisons in this link, on the page people want cheap phones, especially in a global crisis like this, where who knows what will happen next.

It gets better now that OnePlus have hiked up its prices to because the OnePlus 8 is not going to be an option for people looking for a sweet deal, in the Android space 699 versus 399 potentially, that’s already a comparison, you can make anymore, and that’s crucial to Google because at least for now OnePlus is out of the way in that segment of the market also have you heard of the iPhone SE, the iPhone 8 revamp Apple’s sneak-attack to the mid-range market, it’s the go-to $400 iPhone for people who want or need a new iPhone, and that price is even sweeter, given the current crisis what the iPhone SE is done, it showed the world and more importantly the mainstream, that you can get a great smartphone for $400 and this time around, it’s Google’s turn to do that with the Google Pixel 4a. The Pixel 4a if priced around the same is Google’s answer to the iPhone SE, it’s the iPhones direct competition and what gives Google a leg up in this situation is that Samsung and Apple have more brick-and-mortar physical stores, which right now are closed, so it’s harder to make more sales, whereas Google from day one has always focused his efforts on its online stores, then there’s Google’s reputation and prestige if a lesser-known brand produced a Pixel 4a clone it likely wouldn’t do as well because it wouldn’t have that aura around it, that Google has and because of that Google’s reputation is crucial to the 4 XL success, it has more of a chance of succeeding now than ever before and if the Pixel 4a camera is anything like the Pixel 4 then, it automatically becomes the go-to camera phone on a budget to the 3a saw great reviews last year for bringing Google’s pixel experience to the mainstream and this year.

Now Google’s job to improve on and refine its a-series formula, there is so much potential here because so many smartphones especially flagships are becoming, so pricey it lets these kinds of more mid-range more sensibly priced smartphones stand out from the crowd and with that, it’s Google’s time to shine with the Pixel 4a, so all eyes are on Google to make something truly great this year, but let us know in the comments are you excited for the Pixel 4a or are you not so fussy about it, were you happy with the Pixel 3a or do you think Google could have done it better last year, as well let us know in the comments also down there please do hit like and subscribe our RSS Feed to never miss a piece of news like this one. Thank you all for reading this Google Pixel 4a could be the most successful Pixel device ever made? Please don’t forget to share and like this post to your social media accounts to support us producing more great content about upcoming Pixel 4a, see you soon and have a great day for everyone.

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