Pixel 4a Video Trailer Leak, Real Or Fake?

Hello everyone Pixel fans, welcome back to Pixel 4 Manual, rumors and leaks about the pixel 4a is rising so hard, today we got Pixel 4a Video Trailer Leak, Real Or Fake?┬áThat Google doesn’t even need a keynote and all basically during this pandemic, who would like to organize a keynote, anyway without further ado let’s dive into it and see what the Internet’s been spitting about Google pixel 4a. Starting off from the design, leagues the design is kind of looks so subtle to me, and the volume of the camera module is radios drastically, which looks similar to the Pixel 4 devices. Here they’re gonna have a single lens and a simple flash, it’s nice that they brought back the fingerprint sensor at the back, that’s kind of a bold move in 2020, there previously pixel 4 devices, they ditched the fingerprint sensor and coming to the front. Thanks to Pixel 4a trailer and the hole punch camera as the bigger knots have been removed and gives may narrow bezels, it’s kind of looks so clean and interestingly.

Google took a stand to produce only one variant, not the Pixel 4a XL version. It’s because more people nowadays are moving to smaller and cheaper phones, which the Pixel 3a has more sales figures for Google, than any other product they have released as this comes in three colors, they are black color aka just back with the green power button and white color with an orange power button and bright blue color aka badly blue with the pinkish power button, these colors pretty much kind of stands out in the crowd. The size of this phone is kind of similar to the pixel 3a with the plastic body, which is brilliant cost-cutting stuff, which then ditches the wireless charging from pixel 4 and comes with a five-point eight one inch screen size. This pixel 4a is Snapdragon sound ad processor, which packs eight cores with the six gigs of RAM and Adreno 6-1 a GPU and a headphone jack, according to the 95Google the pixel 4a comes with an OLED screen, which is still a rarity among other budget affordable phones, from this we clearly see that the pixel 4a is going to be the budget for without any much of sensors like on the pixel 4 as in 2019, the pixel 3a man who stores with the $300 price tag and the leaker even blasts shared that the pixel forum would be hitting this toast with the same price or maybe low speaking of 399 dollars. Video trailer Pixel 4a fake or real footage below we found it on youtube in TT technology channel.

Introducing Pixel 4a Unofficial Trailer

This pixel 4a is really going to be the competitor for Apple’s iPhone SE 2020, as they are priced the same while in the price point of view. We can see that the most which are like face and love the so Lyra sensor and the pixel neural core are not going to be on the pixel 4a. The Soli reference that allows hand gesture, which no one can smoke from the pixel 4 devices and the pixel neural core, which is Google’s on-device machine learning tool, used to boost performance depending upon the users’ activity, which is literally seen on the flagship devices from Gugu like pixels for and luckily this thing is equipped with the Google’s own Titan M security chip, which is only available on the flagship devices and that’s it for the Pixel 4a trailer video. I hope you guys enjoy watching it, thank you for watching and please leave a like comment, and I’ll try to answer as much as possible and subscribe our RSS Feed to have more videos like Google Pixel 4a video trailer leak real or fake? What is your opinion? I think that could be true and for the last have a beautiful day everyone.

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