Pixel 4a XL Details Leaked?

Hey Pixel fans, Welcome back to the Pixel 4 Manual. Hedi is here, and I have some news about Pixel 4a XL Details Leaked? Cause Google will be able to bring the incredible delight $2 ratio with the upcoming Pixel 4a, but here’s the exciting part that is so different from last year. The Pixel 4a XL isn’t happening has clearly been canceled based upon found code numerous reports and a few leaks which would never have seen the canceled Google Pixel 4a Xl until now because I bought it well a part of it. Let’s talk about I’d appreciate it, so I should probably clarify how I found out about this my friends over at 9to5 Google notice, that some parts for what is described as a Pixel 4a XL showed up on eBay, why this is on eBay? I don’t know how it’s on eBay is also unclear, but it seems like the most likely explanation is that the parts are from prototypes made, while Google is exploring making an XL model, before canceling it if you want to buy your own, you can actually still do that, there’s always a few on sale on eBay, and I have a link for that down below, so here it is it came in a very unusual lightbox. I actually wasn’t sure what it was. I thought was just some trash that was sent to me, because it was so light and had a very flimsy packaging to it, there is this little set over here on the side too. I’m assuming that this is an intended for spare parts store, a pair screwdriver kind of like a guitar pick thing yeah, there it is and some extra adhesive tape, definitely designed for a situation, where you ended up breaking the back of your phone, there is this little icon, there that’s not quite the Google logo, so there’s a spot here to you for a fingerprint sensor, so if there’s a fingerprint unlock, there’s probably a good chance, that there wasn’t a face unlock, because it seems like most of the manufacturers are doing one under the other.

Pixel 4a XL Camera Leaked
Pixel 4a XL Camera Leaked

Right now or what’s most interesting is the fact, that there is a spot for extra cameras on the leaks for the Google Pixel 4a, there’s only one camera found on there, but there’s two here. I don’t know if that would be a wide-angle one or if that would be a telephoto. I’m assuming that would be a flash up the top is a little mic hole, and then that looks like a sensor down here, you have your standard volume rocker on the side and then an orange power button, there along the bottom, you also have a USB C and some speaker holes. Another thing that I’m noticing is that there are little covers here for the speakers. Now I don’t know for sure if that is just a standard thing that you’d find there or if that is something that you would find to help with waterproofing. I don’t see any gaskets or anything else anywhere else on the device to indicate that, this would be waterproof, but maybe I’m wrong we’ll find out with the actual fix of 40 and then here’s something, that’s great this little hole right that, that is the mic jack why is the budget one. The only one that has that along the inside. We can see a couple of different clips and rails there some shielding, that’s probably where the vibration motor went probably.

The most curious part about this is the fact that there was a plan for an additional camera in their budget model, which is a kind of crazy. I don’t know for sure if that’s a date, but if I were to guess that looks like it was September 7th of 2020, when this was made on the opposite side of the buttons, you’dl see a sim tray there. Now I’m curious about this part right here because I wonder if that’s where the motherboard would have gone. It seems to have a fairly intentional cutout, there that’s I guess. Now we can’t look at this piece alone. We have to compare it with other devices and see how different it is. I have the Google Pixel 3a, the Google Pixel 4 XL, and the new iPhone SE 2020. I’ll have some posts on this little device here. I plan to put it through its paces and see what you think along the way. So that is for today about Google Pixel 4a XL new details leaked? Let’s wait until this device is released. Thank you all for reading, and don’t forget to share and like this Pixel 4a XL news.

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