Pixel 5 High Specs At An Affordable Price?

Hello everyone, Pixel fans, Hedy is here welcome back to the Pixel 4 Manual website, Today I will share about Pixel 5 High Specs At An Affordable Price? It seems we waited for nothing. Pixel’s unique feature is out, but hey price is going to drop in a big way, no wondering what the strangest phone of 2020 is going to be if you ask us that’s probably gonna be Pixel 5. The more time passes and leaks show up, the more questions we have like why is Google ditching pixels the best feature and main differentiator, you’re probably thinking what we were talking about photography feature, something low light camera-related well no are. I know pixel phones are famous for their camera power and software muscles, but it’s not that I’m actually talking about motion sense. The feature-based on their special Soli radar, this is a thing they spent two years developing and proudly brought up last year project, so light even the name carried some weight. I mean when a company like Google spends years of research and tests to bring you a new feature, you listen you get excited especially with bold promises like Google’s yearly demos made a radar capable of tracking every twitch of your hands from 49 feet away, it’s almost the Jedi thing with the phone not really close to you not in sight instead what we got with the pixel 4 was Gesture Control and Motion Sense. Don’t forget to read also our previous post about the Pixel 4a & Pixel 5 pricing strategy.

We saw at LG waves and movements above the display not from feet away true, it did make a face unlock a lot easier and faster, but all the other things we dreamt of well, they weren’t exactly possible after the launch, but hey the tech was there and Google told us to wait that the system would evolve, so all of us waited. Now though, it seems. We’ve waited for nothing motion sense is out of the picture, everything points to the pixel 5 without this radar system, why probably to reduce costs and grow sales globally like even in countries where because of this radar pixel 4 wasn’t sold through India can we blame Google for giving up on Motion Sense. I mean we think they should have fought harder to bring their vision to reality, but at the end of the day, numbers count Google is a business, and they probably have serious reasons to ax motion sense, the thing is this is going to lead to an even more downgraded device, besides skipping on their special technology. Google is set to go with the snapdragon 765 or 765G for pixel 5 nope, they aren’t trying to fight in the major league anymore at least not this year, sure when you think about it a phone, that works on the second-best chip from Qualcomm, is not bad a thing maybe we won’t notice it, but we’ll know pixel 5 isn’t to 2020 flagship, not in the mainstream sense, there’s a silver lining though, and it may be the thing that should interest, you really price is going to drop in a big way pixel 5 is set to cost six hundred and ninety-nine dollars, which is like half of the price of galaxy S20, it will definitely be less than the iPhone 12.

This new price might be scary for the likes of Samsung, who are bumping up prices like crazy. It’s a relief for the pixel fans who might remember that, it’s only $50 more than the first pixel to do this four years from your debut, the phone is bold and beautiful, and for those of you who bought pixel 4 you guys know, it’s also $100 less than that generation Google’s offer is pretty hard to resist, but if you’re not as easily convinced by our low price if you’re like us like the tech to League team looking up specs and behind the scenes stuff just before buying the phone, you’ll want to hear this pixel 5 is going to be lightyears ahead of iPhone 12 at least when it comes to fast voice transcription guys. I don’t know if you’ve seen it. Still, Pixel 2 puts the iPhone 11 Pro to shame at that can you imagine what pixel 5 Google does who’s going to type anymore really and atypical for a pixel 4 phone. It’s going to shine at low-light photography. You’ll probably get the best astrophotos, possible water resistance, reverse charging, and 3d face unlocks. Android 11 and 6 gigabytes of RAM should be in the picture too with at least 64 gigabytes of storage, pretty good for a 609 $9.00 phone, but I can’t, and I would love to see Google finally giving us more battery. I mean flagship phones are shooting for the six thousand milliamp hour cell 30,000 or so battery is not enough anymore step it up with a four thousand one Google you can do it and if we’re talking wishes here. I wouldn’t mind seeing an ultra-wide-angle thrown in; it’s not something I use a lot, but it’s something some of you might and if $400 phones can do it. Pixel 5 has to be able to do it to a better refresh rate, and more colors would also help, but not as much as the nite site for video. I mean that would make us forget about soul I processors and such that would break the internet and maybe even give pixel 5 some competitive edge, otherwise Sony Xperia 1 Mark 2 is gonna leave it in the dust, but that’s our opinion tell us what you think it’s Google smart to ditch motion sense and the 865 chip if it means selling for six hundred ninety-nine dollars. What do you think? Google Pixel 5 high specifications at an affordable price? Let’s look forward to when this product is released. Thank you all for your attention, and stay safe, stay healthy, and have a lovely weekend, everyone.

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