Pixel 5 Will Be Looking Different From The Other Phones

Hey, Pixel fans around the world, welcome back to the Pixel 4 manual website,  it’s that time again, it’s time to talk about Pixel 5 Will Be Looking Different From The Other Phones. Google is looking to come back and fix all the mistakes they made last year. I mean the VIC, so far has been a failure of last year, nothing can justify the lack of ultra-wide-angle lens, the poor battery lives, a not so bright display, no 4k 60fps when the hardware is clearly capable, it really wasn’t a great year for Google, but now Google is starting to learn from their boss mistakes, yes we are months away from the official launch of the Pixel 5, but the leaks are already starting to happen since the pixel 3. Google devices have been the most leaked smartphone, they even can’t release in the market even before the launch event, there were YouTube reviews of the phone. I mean it’s absolutely crazy nothing can beat the leaks of pixel flagships, so it has begun we have the pixel 5 coming courtesy of front page tag. We’ve got a brand new look of the back cameras, that kind of look like a bathtub not on steroids, this is a prototype design, it’s not entirely confirmed, whether this will be the final look, but it is looking different from the other phones and it is interesting because Google is finally bringing triple cameras for the first time.

Thank God wide ultra-wide and zoom cameras will be there a complete camera system with LED flash and there’s another sensor, that we can see that could be a depth sensor or the laser autofocus. Pixel devices have always been really good when it comes to smartphone photography, but the video department has been severely lacking, so this time around with snapdragon 865 photos can shoot 88 videos, so I really hope Google brings something crazy to the video performance, as well now on the front we have a four-head design, it’s a bit slimmer than the pixel 4, this four head is obviously for the project soli. All the radar and stuff will go inside there, which is why they’re not doing the bunch hole design, that they’re gonna do on the Pixel 4a, yes one of the most exciting Google phones of the year aka pixel 4 and will be coming soon with a punch-hole design, there’s gonna Rock mid-range specs, but with a flagship Pixel 4 camera, all for just $400, see Pixel 3a was a great success and same can be expected for the pixel 4a again, because of project soli Google will most likely not gonna be using the Bunge old design again, things can still change, because we are very far away from the official announcement.

We’re just gonna happen towards the end of the year aside from the design of the pixel 5. I would really like to see a bright display, something that can match the brightness of Samsung devices with 120 Hertz refresh rate and of course 5g ready also. Google has released the Android 11 Developer Preview 2, yes your device might still be running on the Android pie or it just got Android 10, but Google is already launching and working on the next big Android version, it’s got a lot of new changes. I will be making a dedicated post for a full review of changes, so make sure to subscribe for that, so yeah this is how the pixel 5 could look as per latest leaks, again we’ll see how the development will go. Let me know what you think about the design and specs of Pixel 5. Thanks for reading this Google Pixel 5 will be looking different from the other smartphones, don’t forget to love or like this Pixel 5 news and I’ll see you guys in the next rumors. Bye…

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