Pixel Feature Drop Complete Manual Guide

Hey pixel fans, welcome back to Pixel 4 Manual website, happy Sunday Everyone. Google just gifted its pixel users and nice little Christmas gift in the form of the first-ever Google Pixel feature drop. And this is Pixel Feature Drop Complete Manual Guide, we’ve got features like improved audio quality with Google Duo calls, you can now add a blurred background into any photo through Google Photos, and my favorite feature, automatic call screening with the Google Assistant. But that’s not all, there are actually quite a few more features that Google has packed into this first-ever Pixel feature drop so let’s dive in. First, you’ll, of course, need to download the latest software update “January Security Update“. Once you’ve done that, you can now take advantage of these great features and first, let’s talk about the new Photos feature called portrait blur. In Google Photos you can now add a blur to the background of any photo on your pixel regardless of if you had portrait mode enabled when you took the photo or if you took the photo on another device like a DSLR camera. Simply go into your photos, tap the photo you’d like to blur the background of, tap Edit and then adjust the blur amount. If you already have a portrait photo you took with your Pixel but you want to adjust the blur amount further, you have the ability to do this in Google Photos as well.

Google Pixel Feature Drop All You Need You Know
Google Pixel Feature Drop All You Need You Know

Next up, let’s talk about the latest update to call screening. Now this update only applies to the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4XL in the United States starting off and what this expanded feature does is the Pixel will basically take a look at any phone number that is calling you that looks like it could be a robocall or just an undetected number, it is going to screen that call before your phone ever rings. When the Assistant determines the undetected phone number is a legitimate call, your phone will ring and give you context to who is calling and why. Call Screen utilizes the on device capabilities of the Google Assistant on the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4XL and what that means is it doesn’t utilize any cellular or Wi-Fi data to do the transcription of the call and it also gives you the privacy of not having that call transcript uploaded to the cloud.

Next guide and tips in Google Pixel feature drop, Google made some improvements for the Pixel 4 with Duo calls. Auto framing keeps your face centered during Duo video calls thanks to the Pixel 4’s wide-angle front-facing camera. If another person joins your shot the camera will zoom out to keep you both in the frame, very similar to the way the Nest Hub Max’s camera works with Google Duo video calls. Now Google has also tweaked the performance of Google Duo calls for Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Now, when there’s a bad connection that leads to spotty audio, machine learning on the phone we’ll predict the next likely sound and help keep that conversation going. The smooth display will also reduce the choppiness of the video feed refreshing up to 90 times a second. Another cool feature added for Duo video calls for the pixel 2, 3, & 4 is that you can now blur out the background of your call to hide your messy bedroom or busy office space. Now if it seems like most of the features I’ve been talking about so far only apply to the Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL, don’t worry if you have an older Pixel device Google’s got you covered here as well. First up, let’s talk about the recorder app. This debuted on the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL it utilizes on- device language processing to, in real-time, transcribe what you’re saying within the app in a live caption feature and it works incredibly well. I’m happy to say that this app is now coming to older versions of the Pixel devices. Pixel 3 and 3a users will be getting the live caption feature and focus mode is now rolling out to older devices, as well as flip to Shh.

For the last guide, the new English version of the Google Assistant on the Pixel 4 & 4 XL will be rolling out to Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, and Australia. Location accuracy on Google Maps will now be getting better with the Pixel 4 & 4 XL thanks to this feature update as well. Lastly, I want to talk about a new feature coming to all Pixel devices and this is a new memory feature. Google is for the first time putting out a feature like this which allows your Pixel device to proactively compress cached apps allowing you to run multiple applications at the same time like gaming and streaming content. Well that’s it for our first ever Google Pixel feature drop guide, if you liked this Google Pixel Feature Drop complete manual user guide instructions, make sure to share and like this, all you need to know about Google Pixel Feature Drop and please leave some comment below, if you’d like to see more Pixel news or Google tutorial like this one., I’m Hedi, thanks for reading and see you on another Pixel 4 Manual User Guide article, bye.

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