Pixel June 2020 Security Update Was Released, A Lot of Bug Fixes!

Hello, what’s up, guys? Hedy is back here Pixel 4 Manual, and today I will share about Pixel June 2020 Security Update Was Released, A Lot of Bug Fixes! The Android 10 June 2020 security update was released to all supported pixel devices, so that means the pixel 2, 2 XL pixel 3, 3 XL pixel 3a, 3a XL and pixel 4 and also Pixel 4 XL, this particular update may also be out to some Samsung devices, as well I believe they’ve released it to some of those devices, but it is up to your manufacturer to release that particular update, so if you have it, you should be able to install it now if not, it will be rolling out over the next few days on the pixel devices. Now as far as the size of this update, it was actually fairly substantial for a pixel update, and you’ll see it came in at 131 megabytes and that means, there’s a lot of things packed into this as far as improvements and security issues and fixes and things like that, so you’ll see it, says it’s installing security update, this particular update like I said includes a lot of improvements and bug fixes and some of these are specific to devices, so I’ll talk about those specifically and others include all pixel devices. Don’t forget to see also our previous post about Pixel May 2020 Security Update Was Released, This is Important!

The first thing has to do with improvements for audio in video capture, so if you’re using your camera to capture video and you have poor audio, this is specific to the pixel 3a and 3a XL that has been improved. Now for all pixel devices, they’ve fixed missing Bluetooth pairing modes, that can result in certain conditions, so if you’re having issues pairing something with Bluetooth, you go into Bluetooth here. You were having an issue pairing something it should now be resolved, they haven’t said specifically what that pertains to now on the pixel 4 & pixel 4 XL they’ve improved GPS accuracy in certain conditions, they haven’t said what those conditions are, but GPS should be improved and then for all devices under media, they fixed audio playback speed issues in certain applications, so I don’t know if that’s specific to maybe a podcasting app or Google Play Music or YouTube Music or Spotify, but if you were having issues with audio playback speed, that should be fixed! They’ve also fixed an issue when you’re wirelessly charging on the pixel 3, 3 XL, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL, so if some of the UI wasn’t showing up when you were wirelessly charging, it should now be resolved. Now on the pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL if you’re using the feature flip to Shh when you want to silence the phone it was broken in certain conditions, so if you’re using that where you flip it over to silence it, it should now be resolved and should be working like it was before when you first had it, they’ve also fixed a system crash when revoking USB debugging authorization, so maybe you plug in your phone, and it asks if you want to use a USB debugging and you say no and it crashes that’s been fixed on all pixel devices.

Now there are kernel updates to the actual OS on all of the pixel devices, they’re a little bit different version on each one of them, but they’ve updated the actual kernel itself on all the devices. Hopefully, for a little bit more stable kernel, as well there’s also a fix for missing network indicators on the lock screen, so maybe you have Wi-Fi enabled, but it wasn’t showing up that’s been resolved on all of the devices, so if it wasn’t showing it should be showing properly. Now they fixed an issue with the wallpaper, where it might be resetting on its own to its default settings, so maybe you’re not using the default Pixel 4 wallpaper like I am here, it would reset to maybe one of the default ones by itself, that has now been resolved on all the pixel phone. Now if you’re using the always-on display as you can see here and you had tax-cutting off on the now playing section when you’re playing audio or anything like that, that should be resolved now, thankfully I hadn’t seen that, but if maybe you’re playing a song here we’ll just turn the volume down, hit play go to the always-on display, where the text would cut off, it should now be resolved now on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Specifically, they fixed an issue for data connection loss when roaming in certain regions. That all is Google Pixel June 2020 security update was released today, a lot of bug fixes and improvements. I hope you like this Pixel June update, and I’ll catch you guys in next July Update and take care, yeah.

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