Pixel May 2020 Security Update Was Released, This is Important!

Hello, Pixel fans, welcome back to the Pixel 4 Manual guide, Hedi is here. Today Pixel May 2020 Security Update Was Released, This is Important! so that update includes everything from the Pixel 2 & 2 XL, all the way up to the Pixel 4 & 4 XL, and maybe future versions as well such as the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL when those come out. Now, if you have a Samsung device, Samsung has been pretty good at pushing these updates out, it may be out at the same time you’re reading this Pixel news, maybe a few days later. Still, in the past, they’ve been a day before sometimes, they’re a day after, but it’s up to your manufacturer to push that out, so if you have a different manufacturer phone, you’ll have to wait for them to actually push that to your device. Now, this came in at a couple of gigabytes if you had to sideload it, or it could be as low as 20 megabytes if you had to install it through over-the-air. I wasn’t able to install it over-the-air right away that’s, because if it rolls out gradually to all of these devices, but you can see I have it installed. Don’t forget to read also our previous post about Google Pixel Update April 2020 Is Ready To Download.

Now it’s a security patch level May 5th 2020 and so let’s take a look at the build number and the build number on this one is QQ 2A20050.001.B2 and this particular update is all about the security patches, so there’s not a whole lot of features, in fact expect a feature drop, maybe at the beginning of June we saw one around March, but there aren’t any really big features in this particular update, but there are a couple things to know the first thing is Google mentioned, how it’s going to implement contact tracing into Android devices and they’re going to roll that out through Google Play services, so expect an update with Google Play services at some point, where it’s integrated into the OS directly and then you’ll be able to have options to turn it on, and off and see what sort of tracking notifications, there are and things like that, so if that’s something that you would like on, you’ll have that option and that will work along with Apple, where Apple and Google have actually worked together with all of this, so we’ve seen that in recent versions of iOS 13. 5 beta, where the work with tracking and the work directly with Bluetooth to Android phones as well, so they’ll be able to communicate with the unique identifiers, that are anonymous now again you should be able to turn that off, if you’d like now as far as anything, that’s new like I said it’s purity patches, so don’t expect anything really exciting with this update, but as far as security updates.

Well, there’s quite a few that should patch some issues this head, so, for example, there are three framework security updates for media framework, security updates eight system updates five kernel component updates for media-tech component updates, ten Qualcomm component and then twelve Qualcomm close source security components. Now, if you have a Pixel device that is the number of components you’ll have installed, if you have another Android device that doesn’t pertain to Pixel, there may be a few less, but basically, you’ll have all of those. Now like I said this is a security update, so there isn’t really anything physically to see so expect things like a battery to be the same as it was with the April security update as well as speed and launching of apps and things like that, everything should be fluid and fast just like it’s always been on a Pixel 4 and 4 XL and if you have it for a Samsung device. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, as I’m not exactly sure when they roll out as those are sort of staggered for different people, so let me know the device you have and if you’ve received this update yet, whether it be a Pixel device or a Samsung device or another manufacturer as well and so that’s it for the May 2020 and Android security update, let me know if you’ve found anything else though in the comments below, thank you for reading this Google Pixel May 2020 security update was released, this is very important! And don’t forget to update your Pixel device and see you soon on June 2020 update.

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