Pixel Phone – Is It Worth It In 2020?

Hi welcome back to the Pixel 4 Manual everyone, Today I will make a special post about Pixel Phone – Is It Worth It In 2020? so I’ve made several posts on why you should buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 in 2020, well now I want to break it down to the Google Pixel line and this is honestly probably one of my favorite Android lineup of phones from any manufacturer. I think OnePlus is up there too, but I still think Google pixels kind of the originator at least the Google Nexus was and now in the Nexus 4 for many many years. I own everything every single Nexus and every single pixel device, so far and I think they’re tremendous phones, they’re very very good phones. the next slide means more to me than the pixel line, but I want to talk about why you should probably consider picking up a Google Pixel phone in 2020, whether that’s the Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL or the Pixel 3 or the Pixel 1, whatever the case is I think all these phones still hold tremendous value in 2020, the first thing being as you guys already know the main reason, why you should probably pick up the Google pixel in 2020 is the software support. The software might be one thing right whether you like sake Android or not the fact that this phone gets several years of software updates is amazing. We had a phone like the Google Pixel 1 that got Android 10 and just recently got unsupported and that phone came out in 2016 and you know the Galaxy S7 was a phone that came out in 2016 and that phone stopped getting softer updates.

I think in Android 8 and this thing got two more versions of software updates on top of that, which is pretty impressive, so I can tell you right now that the Google pixel lineup in terms of the software is amazing, even when it’s done getting software support, you can always rely on those security updates, that those Google pixel smartphones sometimes get so that’s a really cool thing, as well and these phones are always the first in the line of getting software support and software updates, so when Android 11 comes out, these things are going to be the first things to get Android 11, which is going to be awesome on top of that whenever a beta of Android comes out, so like Android 11 beta the first one came out, I was able to install it on my Pixel smartphones, there’s not a lot of phones out there that you can install these betas on there’s an I think, there’s a list of like less than ten and the pixel lineup, pretty much covers up most of them. I think there’s maybe one that sounds a pixel. I don’t remember, but basically all pixel phones that are supported with that software with the next beta, you’re able to install those betas, which is really cool and if you’re a developer especially getting that type of hands-on access with the newer version of the software, can really allow you to bend your apps for the future, you know if there’s new stuff if there’s, a new feature with an android 11, you’re able to go in to follow up your apps or your games, whatever to make use of those features, so as a developer if you’re a developer that’s a really amazing thing, you can do with a cool pixel another thing, that I’ve been seeing with a lot of Google pixels especially the newer ones is the resale value and for some reason. I don’t know why, but the pixel lineup of phones have always depreciated less than let’s say like the Samsung Galaxy versions of those phones, so let’s say the galaxy S20 came out this year, whatever the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 comes out most probably this has been a little bit weird recently because the pixel on a kind of took a little weird turn, but when the pixel 3 came out and we had I think the galaxy s 9 for some reason, after a couple of months the galaxy has 9 some more depreciation at that time than the pixel 3s, but the weird thing is is that it kind of levels out after a certain time then I think the pixel line of ends up getting a little bit cheaper than those Samsung phones.

I came out those years, so I’m only comparing those two smartphones because those are like really the most like popping ones of those years. OnePlus phones hold their price tag put out you know pretty well too, but for the time being these ones kind of hold their value pretty well, so if you buy a brand new one that’s not that bad of a deal, which is really really cool another thing talking about you school pixels and everything. I used Google Pixel phone will probably hold up better over time than a lot of other newer phones at that year or other used phones of that year, so I’ll give you an example like I mentioned earlier the Google Pixel one in the Samsung Galaxy S7, those phones came out the same year, the galaxy has seven staff getting support, you know two years ago, where the Google pixel One is still kind of getting support and it’s going to be ending the support ones Android 11 comes out, so even though those two phones came out the same year, they were almost the same price. I think the Google Pixel ended up lasting longer than the Samsung Galaxy s7 and even the year after that the Google picks with 2 into XL, those phones are actually lasting much longer too, because the Galaxy S8 stopped getting software support, which came out the same year and even the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 those phones came out the same year and so did the Pixel 2 into XL, but those wouldn’t stop getting software support, whether 2 into XL are still getting software support and are going to be getting another version of Android on top of that, so I definitely do think you used Google pixel phones hold up much better over time than the other offerings from other companies for sure and also like we all know these things have very very good cameras, recently they’ve been kind of a little weird you know no 4860 or anything like that hopefully this year, they do change a couple things up, but you still have really good camera sensors, you know even though you can’t do that it’s still a very good camera sensor at the end of day, so whether you’re taking quick photos or whatever you’re gonna be having a really really good camera sensors on these thing,s which is really really cool and the last thing as you guys probably already know, it’s these smartphones are so easy to root and custom ROM, that it’s not even funny as long as there’s a support community behind it, these things will always have some type of software support, which is really cool, so that all is Google Pixel smartphone – is it worth it in 2020?! Thank you all for your attention and if any other questions or anything leaves it down in the comments below and bye…

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