Pixel Phones Guide: Tips To Improve Video Quality

Hello all pixel fans, Hedi is back here for another Pixel 4 Manual website today we’re gonna share Pixel Phones Guide: Tips To Improve Video Quality, it’s a very easy thing to do. I really really want to teach you guys and how you can actually take some decent footage with the pixel, as the actual camera is pretty garbage, in my opinion, and only photos work really well. Anyways let’s go ahead and take a look at some samples, as you can see recording with my method, actually gives you less noise and gives you a more contrasted look, so if you do not like this look, then you can stop reading this guide and go read some of my other posts instead. Still, if you do want this look come to stick around already guys to achieve this method is pretty easy, all you have to do is download this app called open camera, there’s an open-source camera, that is free to download, so make sure you guys download it and then come back to the Pixel 4 manual user guide, so here’s the stock interface or not really actually changed a few settings. Still, it should look something like this, and the first thing you want to do is go into settings and then scroll to the bottom and then click on the camera to API, then the next thing you want to do is go into processing settings turn off everything like everything you see there, it turns it off don’t need it off!

Alright, the next thing you want to do is go into video settings and then sort of configuring the resolution that you want, so this doesn’t really matter what you pick. Just pick a resolution that works for you. I’m gonna choose 720p because I want to save on storage as with the video profiles, you guys can pretty much do whatever you want, and I actually chose rec 709, so if you want to get the exact look, go ahead and click on that profile, alright keep scrolling down until you see the bitrate, this is actually pretty important, this is how clean your actual videos will look and the higher bitrate you have. The higher the file size, but the more information in the video stores and now for the framerate. I like to keep it at 24 fps, but you guys can hit sixty or thirty whatever you want, doesn’t matter I that should be it for this section. Let’s move on to a different one, as you can see here rec 709, you can choose default whatever you want, and you can actually mess around with these values and get different looks, so go ahead and feel free to experiment. Alright now, here’s the actual camera, so it’s gonna look like this the controls in the top left corner. We’re right depending on what you chose in these settings, so as you can see here on-screen you GUI at the very top, you get UI placement if you’re left-handed and put down the top left top right-handed right, so yeah this is what it looks like. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some settings, so this little thing controls the focus, there’s autofocus, there’s a continuous macro, etc. so continuous just actually focus, whatever it seizes automatically, and it works pretty well, so do this if you don’t want to use manual focus, so manual focus looks like this and you can just slide it down with the bottom of the screen, and you’re gonna need two-handed video recording if you’re gonna use this focus feature and now this is actually in my opinion.

The most important part you can shoot video in Auto, or you’re gonna shoot manual, in my opinion, you should use manual, so you have insanely good control and get the exact emotion and feeling you want in your videos, so normally I keep the ISO down to 50, but once it gets too dark I’ll increase the ISO a little bit, so don’t be afraid to increase it, but the number one thing you want to do first is adjusting the shutter speed to the lowest possible value, which is one over 30 seconds. The day time you can probably go a little bit higher, of course, so you can just you can probably just tweak it around to suit your needs. Anyways hope you guys subscribe to our Pixel 4 manual RSS feed. Let me know the results you got from this camera app and any problems you may have, and I’ll be happy to help so make sure to leave a comment down below, thank you all for reading this Google Pixel smartphones manual user guide: tips and tricks to improve video quality and of course see you guys later and have a nice day everyone.

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