Setup Pixel 4 XL Facial Recognition & Lockdown Feature

Hello everyone, Happy New Year 2020 for all Pixel 4 Manual user, hope you having a great day, and in this first post in 2020, I want to share about Setup Pixel 4 XL Facial Recognition & Lockdown Feature, I have been learning about so many cool features within the Pixel 4 XL, one actually is a really great and helpful feature, it’s called lockdown and that locks your phone down, so securely so it won’t unlock with facial recognition, I know people are concerned about it opens up with your eyes being closed and somebody may want to snoop on your phone, wherever it might be this would give you peace of mind. I will show you how to set it up here in a second, but the way it works is you would press and hold the power button in and you’ll see the third one, it’s called lockdown, if I press that it is now locked down, so if I hold this up to my face as you can see, it’s not unlocking my phone, so what I would have to do is enter my pin number, so I’ll go ahead and enter my pin number. Now I am in the phone, now if I were to turn it back off as I normally do and then I was to look at my phone, you could see it just did the face unlock, so again if you put it into that mode with the lockdown, then you will not be able to get in with facial recognition. Now let me show you how you set that up, so you’re gonna scroll down here go to your settings, and you’re gonna type in lockdown, you could do lockdown and there you go and it’s gonna highlight right there, it says show lockdown option, display power button option, that turns off smart lock and notifications on lock screen, so if I were to turn that off and now I were to hold in the power button it is now off, so you can easily turn that on or turn it off, so now if I turn it back on, it’s there nice little feature and I think I’m gonna keep it on and definitely would recommend keeping it on, this will give you peace of mind, so you know have to worry about someone using facial recognition in your face, during that facial recognition to turn it on, whatever other security feature, you or we’re concerned that you might have for someone accessing your phone.

Well, see how it is long term. but the big thing I was really concerned about was giving up my fingerprint on the 2xl, so very cool I’ve actually found a couple of apps working with this face recognition and it works, it works great. I use Dashlane, which is a password app, so I store my passwords and this really does work well and then also my bank account works well, so let me show you with the Dashlane, so with the Dashlane there you go that’s how quick it got me in there and there’s a little smiley face there on the bottom, let me see if I can close that up to show you again trying to use to the minimizing, so if I go back into it there is a smiley face and it is looking for my face, see it says to unlock the Aisling with biometrics, so it’s looking for my face, I gotta say try again and now I just got into the app how cool is that!

Now let me close this up, now I’m gonna go to let me minimize that, now I’m gonna go to USAA, which is on my banking and it has me blink and then I’ve got to hold a few extra seconds and I’ve learned how to make it work, so cool so I’m gonna go USAA. I’m gonna blink, you can hear it’s almost like taking a photo, so I’m now looking at it, and there you go I’m in my account how cool is that, so I’m sure we’re gonna see a lot more apps coming out sooner than later, that will work with the face technology and if you’re worried about giving up the fingerprint, the good part is you’ll be able to do it with your face, make it all that easier, not to worry about your fingerprint and we’ll say, now I’ve heard that the you know the for a is gonna have a fingerprint again, so who knows we’ll see, but I’m really excited about the new Google Pixel 4 XL look forward to sharing with you more article about tips that I learned, learn to another tip about how to you know swipe and close the Apple wasn’t really sure to do thank goodness for YouTube, but so glad I got this set up and wanted to just share with you about the face recognition, if you were concerned about how that might work and clearly you could see it’s pretty cool, aren’t everybody have a great day, thanks so much for reading this Setup Google Pixel 4 XL facial recognition & lockdown security feature, we’ll see on the next tutorial, take care and Happy New Year 2020.

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