The Oppo Reno3 VS Pixel 4 XL Camera Test

Hey Pixel and Oppo fans, welcome to Pixel 4 Manual website and Hedi is here, today we’re gonna go prepare The Oppo Reno3 VS Pixel 4 XL Camera Test, the Oppo Reno to is more budget-friendly! it has a lot more cameras on it back and a pictures Reno to look more natural, so let’s see how well it can compare against one of the best camera phones on the market, so this is a low-light front-facing test and I’m walking in the middle of a park with barely any lighting, there are some light posts around here, but they’re not like the super-strong one you see out in the street, by anyways let’s move on to the next section starting off with portion mode from my experience. I guess the Google Pixel 4 XL is just easier to use on Oppo, you would have to move around until you see the effects ready and a lot of times, when you shoot something farther away, things Reno3 Vitality to not work, so you would have to get closer like on the screen, it will tell you that until you see that effect, that blurry effect, happening on a pixel it, Reno3 Vitality to work most of the time and you can zoom in a bit just to get a little bit more of a depth effect. The HDI works really well on a Pixel while on Apple the pictures Reno to look brighter during nighttime when it gets a bit dark out the portrait mode, will tell you that more light needs to be required, so sometimes push mode will even work also the stabilization doesn’t work, as well as daytime, so I noticed that some pictures Reno to come out blurry for a google Pixel, this can’t be a con for some people.

One thing is that it’s kind of zoomed in on a lot of the pictures, so when you’re holding out something in your hands in front of you, you might need to do a bit more reaching to get that good shot, but for the overall portrait picture quality. I would still go for the pixel the background in the background blur, it looks really close to an actual DSLR portrait lens, so it’s like a good 50 mil or 85 mils, whereas on an Apple things Reno to look a little bit more wider, you can see a lot more in the background some people may like that, but for me as a portrait picture. I do want that compressed portrait, look now moving on to the everyday use, the Oppo Reno3 Vitality does a better job, just because it does have ultra-wide mode, so you do get a lot more options, but the con here is that sister switching lenses a lot the colors, may not be exactly the same, so since Google has fewer lenses and is more on a software end of things the pictures Reno3 Vitality to be more consistent especially at the HDR when you’re comparing these two phones. I do notice that the Abu pictures seem to be brighter like I mentioned before! so if you’re looking at the skin tones, it may look flat and it doesn’t have as much saturation as the Pixel 4 XL, when we zoom in up to 5x surprisingly the Pixel looks really good, we know they both have telephoto lenses, you can tell that the software side with things kicks in from the Pixel do you add more sharpening and bring up the shadows for the colors, like I said before at the beginning of the post, the Oppo Reno3 Vitality to look more natural, so it’s really close to the eye, whereas, on a Pixel, it does add a bit more contrast, the blocks are a bit darker and it does add a little bit more saturation.

I’m happy that the Pixel doesn’t push it to the point, where it looks like Samsung colors, where everything looks super boosted and supersaturated, so I do like how Pixel just push enough where everything doesn’t look too crazy, one more example on how all the HDR does so good on a Pixel as we zoom in looking at the highlighted spot on the bench, the detailing on that it’s still there on a Pixel 4 XL, whereas on Alpo, it’s pretty much blown out and we’ve gone through low-light. I would stay away from the ultra-wide-angle lens, just because the pictures Reno to look not as sharp and not as bright on a Pixel. Since it does add a bit more of that contrast the picture seems to be more realistic, because the darker areas the shadows is darker in real life, whereas on Oppo I noticed I love the low-light pictures looks a bit faded, so when we zoom into 5x the pictures seem to look not as sharp as the Pixel, so for the low-light performance of the camera the Pixel does feel snappier, but the picture is a bit noisier, it’s really small, but if we really look at the close details especially zooming in up to 5x, you can see a lot more noise for a night mode, they both work really well. So that is my comparison between these two device, thanks for reading this The Oppo Reno3 Vitality versus Google Pixel 4 XL camera test comparison and see you on the next post.

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