The Ultimate Guide To Customizing Your Pixel 4

Hello Pixel 4 fans, Hedi is back here with Pixel 4 XL Manual, now I will show you The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Pixel 4. I’m sure you know that I am a customization freak, I love creating setups on my Pixel phones and here is my latest one, welcome to another post of making Pixel 4 Xl look amazing, so I’m gonna start with the lock screen wallpaper, one of the slickest wallpaper applications, that I’ve come across recently is crisper, I like switching things up on a regular basis especially with it being the holiday season, I like to keep in with that theme, nowhere is my home screen the launcher, that I’m using is lawnchair V2, I’m using a grid size of 9 by 7 with a disabled status bar and just like with my Pixel 4 lock screen by home screen wallpaper is changing a lot, as well so I’ll probably be using some of the other ones not currently applied on the lock screen or I just might switch it up to some good old Christmas Pixel 4 live wallpapers. I have always been a fan of these, okay so icon packs my primary icon pack is called two picks material. I actually really like this one and I think, I’ll be sticking with it, for now as for the widgets and the rest of the layout, I’ll be honest with you, I had no idea what the heck, I wanted to do for a few days and so this is what I landed on I took advantage of lawn chairs double Road dog function and I put basically everything in there, I’ve got quick access to six heavily used applications, then I’ve got a folder for my google apps and a folder for my social media apps, below that I’ve got a Google search bar with the assistant button, I like the look of this and it adds yet another way to activate the Google assistant, as you guys should know by now another way, I like to make my Pixel great is by using Dbrand skins, I’ve been using these for a very long time and they keep coming out with new favorites, they also have a skinnable grip case, which is my primary case.

Let’s continue to ultimate guide to customizing your Pixel 4 device since I disabled the status bar, I needed an easy way to both to see my battery percentage and access battery stats, but I didn’t want just basic plain white text, I wanted something a little different, so I ripped this from a Daily UI KWGT widget, I like he’ll shape the rounded corners mesh very well with the circular icons and I love the addition of the little red heart, it kind of reminds me of The Legend of Zelda games, I set it up to bring me to my battery stats when I tap on it right above that widget is this one and I honestly just needed a filler widget, because I made the battery one first, but I actually like how this turned out in the end, so this is the same widget as the battery one, but I edited it to display my brand name and I changed the heart icon to the YouTube logo. I thought this would be a pretty neat way to open up YouTube’s creator studio, which of course I use a lot onto the main widget up top, I was looking for something clean with multiple fonts and this is what I found this one also comes from daily ey 4 kW GT, but I flipped it to have white text on a dark background, it has the opposite by default swiping over to my next screen, you probably saw this one coming, I’ve got good old month calendar widget.

Now I have a hard time believing that, this will ever be replaced by another app, I’ve been using this one for years, below that I’ve got a five-day weather forecast widget from skyline, and then below that, I’ve got some more applications, that I use on the daily I’ve got ESPN fantasy for my fantasy basketball league, I’m still undefeated as of this article, let me know what you guys think of my Pixel team, I’m giving 1Gallery a shot now, this is a very nice and clean gallery app and it’s actually made by the same devs, that made today weather, which I’m sure by now you’re aware of I’ve got Amazon, I’m always looking for stuff on there and the nest app for controlling all of my nest stuff, getting to the app drawer, if you know me you know I love organizing my app drawer using folders pretty much everything in here is the same, but I did start getting back into emulators recently, so I’ve got a folder dedicated to those it has been a very long time since I’ve used emulators and to tell you just how long playing GameCube games at full or near full speed and wasn’t possible, so it’s been a minute to close out the post of course, I have Google off to the left-hand side of my main home screen and I know a lot of you are going to ask, if launched a v2 is compatible with Android 10 gestures and I will be honest not entirely in fact, it’s a little finicky, but it’s still usable, so there you go anyway guys that is how I’ve made the pixel 4 XL more interesting, if you enjoyed feel free to drop a like or share this The ultimate manual guide to customizing your Google Pixel 4 XL to your favorite social media, see you later on more way in how to customize your Pixel devices.

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