Tips To Unroot Pixel 4 With Factory Images

Hi Pixel fans, welcome back to this website, today we’ll be taking about Tips To Unroot Pixel 4 With Factory Images, a look at unloading the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL and today we’ll be using the Google Factory images, of course and basically, will be returning to stock and relocking the bootloader, so it’s just like you got the phone out of the box and if you’re more inclined to take a look at what we do quickly , so first things first there are a few things, that are required for this guide and the first one is an unlocked bootloader and this is usually the case, if you’ve rooted your phone and a computer, unless you have another phone, but that’s another story, we’ll be doing this on a computer right now and this is what we’ll end up doing in this tutorial, we’ll be downloading the files, that we need, we’ll then saw the drivers for the USB modes for Windows only and then we’ll be flashing the factory images to both slots, we’ll also check, if the phone boots up after that first and then we’ll go into relocking the bootloader and just to let you know, we’re locking the bootloader, we’ll wipe your phone, but we’ll be wiping our device, before that anyways this will also allow you to take OTAs after you finish unloading everything, that includes relocking the bootloader, however, you don’t need to have a lot to bootloader to take OTAs and of course, if you have any other questions feel free to leave it down below.

Let’s get started, so there are a few things that we need to download and the first thing is the Google USB drivers. Now this is only really applicable for those on Windows, I’ll download the one for Windows and I’ll agree to the terms and conditions and download that and I’ll also save it into one folder and last, but not least you’ll need a factory image for your Pixel 4, so I have the Pixel 4 here and I will download the one, that I want so you don’t have to download the latest version. Now you can download the one from October of 2019 if you really want to, but I have just downloaded the latest version here, which I should have this version the January 2020 version, you can download any factory image, that you want to flash, now once you have those three files downloaded here. I have the USB drivers a platform tools and the factory image itself and the first thing, we want to open up is the USB drivers zip file, open up that and extract the USB Driver folder, now this is only available for Windows, so if you’re a Mac or Linux feel free to skip ahead till we extract the platform-tools, but for those on Windows let’s open up the USB Driver folder, you’ll find this file called Android underscore win USB dot I am if you want to right-click on that and then click on install and once that is done, you’ll get this dialog you may have to accept a user account control dialog, just click YES on that and once, that’s installed head back over to the Android folder and we’ll open up the platform-tools folder.

Now the platform-tools just includes ADB and Fastboot and a few other executables, that we’ll use to communicate with our phone from our computer, so extract the entire folder outside, just like that give that a few seconds and then we can close the zip file and then, once you’ve done that, let’s open up the factory image double-click on that open up the folder inside and extract the bootloader image and radio images, outside extract those three files, it might take a while it is a few gigabytes. All righty once those three files are extracted, you can close the factory image as it farm and we’ll need to go inside the platform-tools folder. Since we need to use these programs and then not in our path environment variable, you can take a look at doing that down below we need to open up a command prompt window, that has changed to this directory right here, where our platform tools are located in order to use these executables, so in the address bar click on that and type in CMD, this will open up a command prompt window, hit enter of course to open it this will open up a command front window already changed to the platform-tools directory, which allows us to run the programs like ADB and also Fastboot, we’ll need to keep this window open. I will use my console emulator, just to make things a little bit easier to see, once you’ve opened it side-by-side and everything is ready to go, go back to the Android folder and where everything else is and now we can get started with flashing the files to our phone and to do that, we need to reboot our phone in the bootloader, but before you do that, I recommend that you backup anything that you might need or you might want to keep later on because we will be wiping our device shortly after this, so did the USB cable handy and let’s plug in our device and make sure I’ve backed up your things like your accounts do two-factor authentication codes and the normal things like pictures, because you won’t be getting in the back after we’re done with this, so once you have your frame plugged in let’s reboot our phone into the bootloader and we can do that by pressing and holding power tapping on restart, as soon as the screen turns black or freezes, that is Tips and tricks to unrooting Pixel 4 XL with factory images and this guide will continue to part second, bye for now and see you on next tips and tricks.

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