Today Android 11 Developer Preview 2 Is Now Out

Helloo Android fans, Hedi is back here for Pixel 4 Manual website and Today Android 11 Developer Preview 2 Is Now Out all supported Pixel devices, so that means pixel – all the way to Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, but this is a Developer Preview and not recommended for regular use, in fact just setting this wallpaper actually made the device crash, so this is not meant for everyday daily use, but there are some changes in this and there will be a beta for this a little bit, later that will be available to the public so, this update brings some interesting changes throughout the OS and the first one is the easter egg is back, so if you go into settings go into the Android version number and then we just keep tapping on Android R and it shows Android 10, so they haven’t updated the easter egg, but it’s back now settings shows new Wi-Fi at the top, so it shows Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, so that’s something new they’ve just changed where it is it’s permanent, it doesn’t move. Now they’ve also added the addition of requiring your eyes to be open if you want to set that setting on or off for a Pixel 4 or 4 XL with the face unlock, so if I go down to security and then I go to face unlock. I’ll put in my pin. Now you can see it says require eyes to be open to unlock the phone and I have tried this I turned the phone off, turned it back on kept my eyes closed, it didn’t unlock until I opened my eyes and so it seems to work just fine, so that’s nice! that they’ve added this and this may be coming to potentially the April security update for Pixel devices and Samsung phones and things like that, so expect that probably sooner rather than later, but who knows at this point, it may not come out until Android 11 releases. Don’t forget to read also our previous post about test Android 11 R on Pixel 4 XL.

No notifications get a lot of changes and you can see the first notification here at the top and before I talk about those changes, you can see the font is a little bit bigger and the spacing is a little bit different, it’s sort of transparent or slightly transparent through the different separated notifications and I like how they’ve separated this a little bit, so this looks a lot better to me than it did previously and you can see here’s a conversation. I just started from my other phone I messaged myself and we have a couple of options and one of the options, I’ve already turned on is when Do Not Disturb is on, it will still show my conversation if I select that option, so if I press and hold I have some options and let me show you what I mean and you can see there were some bugs, so Do Not Disturb was on I tried to press and hold it didn’t work, but after I press and hold you’ve got some options, so I can flag this is important now, so I can tap on this flag it is important and then I can go into settings within settings. I’ve got some options if I tap on my phone number at the bottom, it says not a conversation and I can remove this from the conversation and you can add it back later. Now let’s go back one menu and then if I tap on incoming messages down at the bottom, tap on advanced and you’ll see it says override “Do Not Disturb” and that’s what’s turned on currently, so you can make this one specific conversation overridden over all of the other things, so maybe you want Do Not Disturb turned on, but you want to get important information from your significant other or a family member you can do that in Android 11 Developer Preview too. Now there’s one other option in here, as well and let’s go back we’ll go into settings and I’ll show you how to get there, you go to settings and then you go to apps and notifications, you go to notifications then you go down to advanced, under advanced you now have the option to hide silent notifications in the status bar, so if you’ve already silenced a notification it won’t show up in the status bar on top, so you have that as a new option as well.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2 New Wallpaper
Android 11 Developer Preview 2 New Wallpaper

Now another change, they’ve made to the notification shade is there’s a history button, so you can go into this and it’s turned off by default, but we’ll go into this and if you turn it on you can see your history of messages and recently dismissed, if we scroll down, you can see what we have today, that we installed, so I actually had to set this up it wipes, the device you have to reset up everything and you can see all of the different notifications, so that’s a new edition, you can turn it off as I said, now they’ve updated the wallpaper picker to be a little bit nicer to use, so let’s go into that press and hold the home screen, go to styles wallpapers and you’ll see it looks a little bit different than what you might be familiar with so now, we have my photos and come alive and living universe and there they’re grouped into different squares, so if we go into coming alive for example, you can select what you want to use if we go into expand, your collection you can download this if you don’t have it or you can go into say this one here. The doodle customizes the different colors set the wallpaper and it’ll be a nice just a better way to kind of see the wallpapers in general. Now we also have this clock section on the bottom and this looks like, we’re going to be able to customize the lock screen, but the only thing there right now is a clock, so maybe we’ll have different clocks for the home screen, later on as people update this developers update, it with maybe some widgets or something along those lines. Thank you all for reading this Today Google Android 11 developer preview 2 Is now rolling out, so don’t forget to share and like this Android news and see you on the next one.

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