Yesterday Google Has Release Android 11 Developer Preview 3

Hello Android fans, welcome back to the unofficial Pixel 4 Manual website, Yesterday Google Has Release Android 11 Developer Preview 3, that has been released for pixel series of devices, but I will be testing it out on my OnePlus 8 and it has been ported from Pixel 4 XL, so this port is available for many devices as of now and in this post lets check out the new features this developer preview brings and this will be the last developer preview for this android version before a beta version with all the finalized changes is released, so stay tuned till the end of the article to know everything about it. And before we begin, if you wish to stay notified about the latest post do press that subscribes RSS Feed button. Don’t forget to read our previous post about the installation guide for Android 11 Developer Preview 2 on Pixel 4.

Okay, I will start right off with the new changes. So first of all the Wallpaper picker is back to its previous design now it looks just like it was with the previous version of Android, so you are familiar with everything in this regard and let’s jump to the second change, so in the notification shade, things seem to have changed quite a bit first of all when you long press on a notification the preferences, tiles are bigger now and we can dismiss any notification, even those that couldn’t be dismissed in the past, so they won’t occupy the space in the status bar now so that’s new. Also, the icon to expand a notification is now considerably bigger and visible clearly. Now we can see some changes in the recent menu as well, first of all, we have 2 new options present here that is to share and take a screenshot, alright so the screenshot that has been taken now comes as a small preview on your screen with some options to share and edit, this is going to make things a lot easier for you guys.

Plus we have the new undo gesture to bring the recently closed app back from the dead, so simply swipe from top to bottom and the app you just closed will be back, quite neat isn’t it. Talking about the gestures we can now adjust the sensitivity of gestures on the left and right side, so you can customize that as per your taste and that’s cool I like the option. And now we have the ability to share mobile data via USA Ethernet, so that is a new add on that we have seen only in this android version so that’s great. And some tiny things that have changed are well this volume tab has been renamed to sounds tab plus. The ability to reverse wireless charge any device seems to be in development as the animation is there and supposedly the next Pixel device (Pixel 4a and Pixel 5) will support it,  so let’s wait till next beta to know more about it. Plus it seems like the network is broken on this build but I hope it will get fixed soon by the developer, till then you can either try beta 3 or wait for this issue to get fixed. Other than those above Google makes some of the change like Navigation Change, Fingerprint Sensitivity change, Gesture control change if we talk about navigation changes we found to change as swipe up we will show to option of screenshot with Share, these are the some of the changes we found in ‘developer preview 3, we will see on Developer preview 3 by Google the next its “Beta Version” which confirms that we will soon able to see in non-Pixel smartphone and thank you all for reading this Yesterday Google has released Android 11 DP3 Developer Preview 3 news, this was the long list of changes and do let me know what new feature about Android 11 you liked the most, so don’t forget to share and like this post and see you on the Android 11 final developer and bye for now.

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