About The Upcoming Pixel 5 Series

Hey everyone, so the Pixel 5 lease has started and the Pixel has always been a bit of an outlier in the smartphone game, a phone with a great camera and clean interface that everybody loves, but also found that Google seemed downright reductant to sell too many people. The Pixel was never phone for the masses like a Galaxy or an iPhone, but the Pixel 5 might finally change this! Hello, guys, my name is Hedi with Pixel 4 Manual, today I will talk About The Upcoming Pixel 5 Series. The first major leak about the pixel 5 series came courtesy of the 9TO5 Google in the middle of March, which is just recently the publication got early access to the Google camera app from an only release Google pixel 4a, unit does the affordable pixel and found an indirect mention of the new Pixel 5 family. The first thing we’ll learn from this league is two code names, obviously referring to the Pixel 5 series one is Brembo and the other is red fan 1 for the regular Pixel 5 and one for the XLversion google has been using names of fish to code name, its pixels and these two latest names also fall in that tradition. Read also our previous post about Pixel 5 will be looking different from the other phones.

The major takeaway from this little cover is the processor, that the new series will use and there’s the Snapdragon 765G processor, a lower-tier chip than the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon in 675. Yes Google will likely skip the Qualcomm’s chips and instead up for the lower price, it’s still quite capable 765G and this move will allow it to price the phone much much more affordable than before, and possibly even in the $600 to $700 price range and those prices. The Pixel will really stand out with its camera and it has a much better chance to compete then when you put it in the fiercely competitive $1000 price range, this lower tier chip is also capable of 5G connectivity, so you won’t sacrifice connection speeds in any significant way. Now in terms of performance, the snagger 765G is definitely slower than the 8 x5 with Geekbench scores showing the considerable difference of somewhere between 30% is as much as 50%, but think about it when was the last time, you needed more speed on the flagship what performance of the pics of 5 might take the newer chip, might also be more power-efficient he picks a four in the pixel 4 XL, were two of the most viciously criticized flagships of 2019, as many people were disappointed with the small size of the battery in the phones, that’s why we expect Google to double down on battery life and finally fix this in the pixel in the pixel five series. The processor is one part the other part is just a bigger-sized battery.


Now turning to the camera the bread and butter of the Pixel series we can learn from experience and listen to experience, that Google has been strange in 2016. Google was praising the headphone jack and taking jabs at Apple for removing it then Google itself removed it on the Pixel 2 series and deleted that promo video from the previous year in 2017. Google was saying there was no need for a secondary camera on the pixel, then in 2019 what do you know fix a for last with the secondary camera, fast forward to 2019 and Google last said there was no need for an ultra wide-angle, you know what this means right the Google pixel 5 will surely have an ultra wide-angle lens and don’t just take our word for it, it’s only logical as most lectures, these days have an ultra wide-angle lens it has proven itself useful, but whatever the camera set up though if Google indeed releases the Pixel 5 with excellent image quality at the price of around $700 to be an absolute hit and this is all we know about the upcoming Google Pixel 5 series, it’s still long ways out the fixify series are expected to launch in the fall of this year and you should probably expect them around late October, but so far the leak about the lower price has got me personally really excited about the Pixel of 5 family and I really hope that Google changes his tactics with the pixel 5 and indeed launches them at the lower price, what do you think about those leaks? are you guys excited as I am about the pixel 5 families? let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’d be glad to read in and see what you guys think meanwhile stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home as much as possible and thank you for reading this All about the upcoming Google Pixel 5 series. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS Feed to get the latest information about the upcoming Google Pixel 5 family.

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