iPhone SE – Buy Now Or Wait For Pixel 4a?

Hey Pixel fans, welcome back to Pixel 4 Manual, Hedi is here, and today I will talk about iPhone SE – Buy Now Or Wait For Pixel 4a? So everyone’s losing their minds right now about the new Apple iPhone SE, once again has a true mid-range iPhone, that isn’t just an older model at a lower price, well kind of and already some folks are predicting doom and gloom for Google’s upcoming Pixel 4a, which is rumored to be breaking cover in the next few weeks at the same four hundred dollar price point, but I’m here to tell you, that you really shouldn’t listen to that pessimism, so here are the some reasons why you want to wait on a Pixel 4a rather than jumping on that new iPhone SE 2020, right away let’s take a closer look the 2020 iPhone SE might be unique on the inside, but the exterior design is a relic of mid-2010 smartphone design with acres of forehead and chin surrounding that 4.7 inch panel, it looks like an iPhone sure, but an iPhone from 2 or 3 years ago, it’s safe to say that only apple could get away with a design like this right now, be met with anything close to praise we’re on the Google side the Pixel 4a based on the leaks. We’ve seen so far actually looks like it belongs on store shelves in 2020, a hole-punch camera, whatever you think of it is a legit way to fit more screen onto the face of a phone, meanwhile the polycarbonate body of the foray, if the Pixel 3a is anything to go by is gonna be less fingerprinting and greasing than many glass phones out there. Plus, that rear-mounted fingerprint scanner gives you quick biometric authentication without cluttering of the front face.

Apple has caught up with Google in terms of phone photography in recent years, but Pixel phones still offer features like astrophotography, that no other manufacturer can match Apple’s been cagey about exactly which 12-megapixel sensor is being used in the iPhone SE 2, but Apple was able to get the company to admit that it’s not the same top-end sensor that’s used in the iPhone 11 Series and of course, we don’t know exactly what part we’ll be using the Pixel 4a, but we do know that Google’s HDR plus processing, nitesite mode and portrait mode work exceptionally well even on mid-range hardware. The magic is in the software, so the actual nuts and bolts don’t matter all that much, now where is her final judgment until we can get both devices in the same room, but it seems pretty obvious to me the Pixel 4 I should at least be able to match the iPhone SE, in computational photography. Google’s track record in software processing for photos is just that good. The display is a straightforward place to ping the iPhone SE. After all, a 720p LCD panel in 2020 is firmly behind the curve, based on the leaks of the Pixel 4a though we can expect a full HD 1080p Plus and change panel in addition to that extra resolution. The Pixel 4a OLED technology means you get an ambient display, vibrant colors and pitch blacks, as well as ample power savings if you use the dark feel with the iPhone SE, it’s hard to get around, the idea that you are using a display from a couple of generations ago that’s before, you get to the sheer size of the bezels, that means you’re obviously not getting anywhere near as much of a full-screen experience and things like movies and games.

Google makes some excellent apps for iOS, but if you want to get the most out of Google assistant and the bevy of other on-device smarts. Google puts on its own phones. Then the only real option is to get a pixel. The Pixel 4a is expected to come with a new Google Assistant, the first debuted on the Pixel 4 for other pixel specific perks you’ve got. Now playing for background song, identification and live captioning, but running speech into text instantaneously from within any app, the Pixel 3a had most of these features, so there’s no reason to expect the best of Google services won’t also make their way to its successor and Google avoids many of the pitfalls of Android phones when it comes to software updates with three years of platform updates guaranteed for owners of new pixels from the time, they’re launched look I get it I’ve largely migrated to wireless headphones myself over the past couple years, but at the same time a lot of people still swear by high-quality wide earphones, that don’t have to change it over Bluetooth only, a couple of brands are still doing headphone jacks in high-end phones and even Apple as a band of the trusty connector in the iPhone SE, in the Pixel 4a by contrast you’re getting the best of modern phone design also with the best wireless legacy connection. That all is about Apple iPhone SE 2020 – buy now or wait for Google Pixel 4a? will Pixel 4a iPhone SE Killer? Let’s see after Pixel 4a release and don’t forget to see our previous gallery about quick specs comparison between Pixel 4a Vs iPhone SE 2020 and I’ll see you next time.

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