Pixel 4 Using New Chipset Neural Core

Hey Pixel fans, today we have good news for you, this is about Pixel 4 Using New chipset Neural Core,we also got a full spec sheet confirming the pixel 4, will be using a new chipset and I’ll be showing all the details right after this, so just in case all the pixel leaks ahead of launch weren’t enough for us we, now have the spec sheet confirming a new chipset leak renders, news of pixel buds – and a video showcasing of the new features of Google assistant, we’ve already run through the specs enough times on this website, so we’ll save the full specs until the end, but the spec sheet that has been leaked reveals a new chipset could a pixel neural core alongside the Snapdragon 855 for those, that don’t know in the pixel – they introduced visual call for image processing the visual core to take load off the system on chip and enhance the phone’s image processing capabilities, the chips designed to compile hdr+ images and according to Google, it will do this five times faster than the usual onboard chip or using less power, the visual course the complex image in machine learning tasks, that allow it to automatically adjust depending on the scene and part of the reason.

Google Pixels 4 and XL have always been so great at photography, the Pixel Neural Core is of course at the new version of this chip, but at this time we’ve got no details on specifications and what improvements or new features, it’s gonna bring at least, now although we do have some information to look forward to it the launch and as if we haven’t seen enough renders photos and videos of the Google Pixel 4, we’ve now got two new ones, which look to be for marketing purposes as expected, they’re the same as everything, we’ve seen before confirming that this is exactly what the Pixel 4 phones are going to look like, we’ve also had a few videos to showcase the features of the improved Google assistant, while the video shows some tasks, that can already be carried out, we also get some new features it also looks as if the interface for the Google assistant has been updated in one of the videos, that the user gets attacks asking when their flight lands and after asking the assistant, what time is my flight Google pulls up the information without needing to switch apps, they then use the command reply, I get in at 5:14 and the message is sent without having to use the ok Google command, so it looks like the assistant is better at understanding the context of the situation. Google has been a lot of improvements with the new assistant and my guess is that, this may be exclusive to the Google Pixel before rolling out to other devices, next up we’ve got news of pixel buds to launching alongside the smartphones, the original pixel buds were launched alongside the pixels in 2017 and we didn’t have anything new last year, there are unfortunately no details about the specs of the buds, but they should have Google assistant built-in and will be arriving on the 15th of October and what we do expect a price increase, they’re reportedly gonna stay under the $200.

I’m sure most of you have seen the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL given the huge amount of leaks in the number of times, we’ve covered them here I’ll run through them again just for those that missed and also thanks to the leaked spec sheet! The Pixel 4 is the smaller of the 2 and the Pixel 4 comes with a 5.7 inch OLED display with an HD plus resolution of 2280×1080, this is going to be a 90 Hertz panel protected by Gorilla Glass 6, it’s going to be using the snapdragon 855 system on chip and come with the option of 64 or 128 gig storage, for the first time we get dual cameras on the rear, we get a 12 megapixel main sensor with phase-detect autofocus and this is going to be paired with the new 16 megapixel telephoto lens, considering the pixels have always taken impressive images using a single lens, it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens with to the phones can be powered up by a 2800 milliamp-hour battery. That is Google Pixel 4 And XL using new chipset Neural Core Snapdragon 855 article, we hope you all happy with this news, bye for now and see you all on the next news about google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel XL.

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