Pixel 5 – Will Affordable Premium Phone?

Hey Pixel fans, welcome back to Pixel 4 Manual website, today I will share about Pixel 5 – Will Affordable Premium Phone? Why would Google ever downgrade, well there are two options really one more interesting than the other, welcome back to need to know this year, one major player is about to hit the escape button in battle flexion, Google everything points to a very strange pixel 5:1 that will break all the flagship rules, in what way well what features come up with flagship territory. The latest hardware and sophisticated software right latest chip, biggest RAM, outstanding camera modules and beautiful design and screen. Samsung did it, whoa and Apple is next and if the past is any indication Google – only a shocking camera app teardown is pointing to the opposite Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL, also codenamed bramble and redfin appear with a snapdragon 765 chip, the second-best from Qualcomm. Right before the 865 came out why would they ever downgrade choosing a lesser chip, what’s the catch well? there are two answers really, on one hand, Google doesn’t need the latest Qualcomm chip? Although let me tell you the 765 is at least 30% weaker if not more than the 865 and if you’re thinking of 5g, the previous chip supports it! The other answer and the one that really intrigues me is that it’s a strategic move. Don’t forget to read our previous post about a detailed review of the Pixel 4a.

Google is actually doing it on the purpose why because in the long run, this setup is going to win them more points and maybe even more money from sales with a Pixel 5, that’s not a mid-range, but not a flagship either Google can market, it as an affordable premium a smartphone, that’s almost as good as the Galaxy S20 and the Apple iPhone 12, but not quite at a friendlier price. The price range will also help them not compete directly with Samsung, Apple or even Huawei, and why would Google keep fighting them, they haven’t managed to dethrone either of them and guys there are the makers of Android, however, Google Pixels strong suit was and remain camera software, if they keep that up it might be enough to overlook. The choice of the chip, it also won’t hurt the much lower price. I mean we’re looking at 500 600 dollars, that’s a bit more than the mid-range Pixel 4a, but the less than the iPhone 12 when compared to Samsung Galaxy S20, it’s half the price quite tempting right, especially since you’re still gonna get at least a dual, if not a triple-lens camera on the back and an ultra-wide is more than welcome right now, there’s talk about reverse charging and 3d face unlock, even if it’s gonna mean the return of the upper bezel with the Soly radar around, there’s no going around it, in fact, design-wise Pixel 4a might be better looking than the Pixel 5.

The leak so far has shown thinner bezels with a punch-hole camera on the Pixel 4a, while Pixel 5 still sports a big black band on the top why the difference, because the mid-range err coming this may afford to have a fingerprint sensor on the back, and almost flagship can’t give up on face unlock, not in today’s mobile industry, the camera module on the back will also draw a very visible line between the two-pixel phones, you won’t mistake one for the other, while the for a will keep the square module. The Pixel 5 will put its cameras in a new frame, can’t say I love the design, but I wasn’t a particular fan of the iPhone 11 stove and it’s still sold, so what do I know if you’re debating what Pixel to go for this year. Let me help in a nutshell you’ll love 5 things about Pixel 4a the design, the headphone jack, the rumored telephoto camera, and the $400 price go for Pixel 5 and you’ll dig the triple camera fingers crossed with top-notch software, the 3d face unlock and the price point keep in mind though Pixel 5 is coming in October, so there’s still time for surprises and changes, if we’re right, however, is Pixel 5 gonna have a place in your pocket, and if not that can it do to get your vote, again tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share and like this Google Pixel 5 – will be affordable premium a smartphone? we just look forward to the launch later and see you in the next post and bye…

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