Pixel 5 Will Use A Snapdragon 765G Processor?

Hello, Pixel fans, what’s up everyone, Hedi here so as you’d expect the Pixel 5 is gonna be the next flagship phone from Google, but will it really gonna be a flagship phone, because as per the latest information the Pixel 5 may not be what anyone was expecting, Pixel 5 Will Use A Snapdragon 765G Processor? first of all, this is gonna be one of the potential designs of the Pixel files back camera, Google absolutely sucks at phone design, so I wasn’t really expecting a good looking phone from the, but this looks different some people kind of liked it a lot of them hated, but let’s talk about today’s rumor, which comes from a pre-release version of the Google’s camera app courtesy of 9to5google. First of all, they were able to find that the Pixel 5 will have a telephoto lens, which shouldn’t be surprising because the Pixel 4 had it as well, but what is surprising though is the processor the Pixel 5 is gonna come worth according to 9to5google photo Pixel 2020 configuration refers to the Pixel 5 and the code names bramble and Redfern, are for Qualcomm’s recently released mid-range snapdragon 765G and not fully more powerful Snapdragon 865, that we saw on the Galaxy S20 and will see on every other flagship, including the OnePlus 8 Pro. Don’t forget to read also our previous post about camera comparison between The Galaxy Z Flip vs The Pixel 4.

Now, these codes are from a pre-release version of the Google camera app from a prototype Pixel 4a a mid-range Pixel phone from Google do to be unveiled in the coming months. 9to5google is a big reputable blog and they’re pretty confident that the Pixel 5 is gonna come with mid-range snapdragon 765G processor rather than a flagship one, now most of you will be disappointed by this change and rightfully, so because the snapdragon 765G is 30% less powerful than the snapdragon 865, but if you think about it this change indeed makes a lot of sense Google released the Pixel 3a last year with the mid-range processor, which offered good enough performance and a great camera and most importantly, it helps Google increase the Pixel sales, by a factor of two the main reason for that is this price tag of 399 dollars. Trampoline a 65 processor on the handle is, of course, the most powerful to date, but also it’s the most expensive one, the processor is one of the big reasons why the Galaxy is owning Ultra is priced at $1,400 if Google goes with this processor then the Pixel 5 will have to be priced over thousand dollars and considering Pixel devices don’t offer the same value, as say Samsung flagship, there will be fewer people willing to spend over a thousand bucks on the Pixel 5, so in order to keep the cost under $1,000, Google may have decided to use an upper mid-range processor than a flagship one.

Today considering the Pixel 5 is scheduled to be launched in October, which is six months away from now, it’s advisable to take this with a pinch of salt, but in my opinion, it’s more than likely that this is gonna happen even though there is gonna be a Pixel 4a this year with a mid-range processor. Google may have decided to apply the success of the Pixel 3a to its mainline Pixels instead of continuing to fail in the annual cycle of speck chasing, against the Giants like Samsung anyway let me know what you think is it a good idea to use a mid-range processor on the Pixel 5, while offering big camera upgrades and features like motion sense do let me know down in the comments and as always I’ll see you on next post, thank you for reading this The Google Pixel 5 will be using mid-range snapdragon 765G processor? we are just waiting for when this phone is released, Please don’t forget to like and share this Pixel 5 news to support us making more great content and see you on the next one and have a nice day everyone.

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